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   Chapter 9 The Distant Cousin is A Wealthy Husband

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At that moment, Isla Gu looked like a prostitute of the ancient time, who had a snob face.

Violet was amused by her words. She wondered since when this iron lady would care about the family background.

"How do you know so much? Do you have a crush on him? Tell me the truth. "

Violet also put on a serious look, in the same way as Isla just forced her.

Isla was amused by this girl. Although this girl was quick in learning, she never cared about the gossip in entertainment. She could even find his background on the Internet. Why did she investigate it on purpose?

However, she knew clearly about these things that it was not because she fell in love with Terence.

"Did I forget..." Isla said carefully.

Violet raised her head, not knowing what happened.

"He is my distant cousin." Isla rubbed her forehead and said.

"Although we are distant relatives, we were somehow connected since we lived in the same city. How could I not know his family background? "

Isla's words aroused a heated discussion in Violet's heart, which was more surprising than knowing that Terence was a good husband.

Isla was a little embarrassed. She never considered herself to be a member of the Gu's family. But what could she do? Especially now, starting a business. Although she extremely didn't want to use the resources of Gu's family, there were some things that had to rely on connections. She was quite familiar with Terence.

"Ha ha, I'll be your sister-in-law."

Violet's key point always caught people off guard.

Looking at Violet who seemed to be careless, Isla doubted whether it would be a good choice to marry her husband?

"Evan..." As soon as Isla mentioned this name, Violet's face turned dark all of a sudden. Her lips were pale and her face was flustered, which made Isla unable to continue.

Violet looked out of the window, but she failed to see anything. She looked through the glass, through the crowd, through the fragrance of birds, and thought of the young man in white.

Isla shook her head in silence. She wanted to tell Violet that Evan was coming back.

But Violet didn't forget her past. She had it all in her mind as time went by. Isla was became anxious. Thinking of her overbearing cousin, could he allow his wife to have another man in her heart?

Suddenly, her worry was interrupted by a series of ring tones. The moment when Violet picked up the phone, the aggressive and low voice of Terence came into her ears.

"Baby, where are you?"

Violet had already calmed down and she thought of the relationship between Isla and Terence, so she said, "I'm at Isla's home,"

Terence was a little shocked. He searched the name "Isla" in his brain, but suddenly thought of a person, and said with uncertainty.

"Isla... Isla Gu? "

Although he didn't think his wife had any connections with that woman.

Violet handed the phone to Isla and indicated her to talk with Terence.

Although Isla was extremely reluctant to talk to him, she reluctantly picked up the phone because of his identity and the presence of Violet.

"Terence Gu, I am Isla. Violet and I were best friends in college. "

Isla glanced at Violet who was smiling at her.

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone. He didn't expect this to happen either.

"Take Violet to our golf club,"

The tone of the order was self-evident.

After hanging up the phone, Isla stuck out her tongue at Violet. 'See, this man is always so domineering. He completely ignored the fact that she was

the best friend of Violet and now treated her as a taxi girl.'

Although Isla was dissatisfied with him, she still took Violet to find him.

Isla thought in mind. 'After all, she had some problems needed for help.'

When they arrived at the golf club, they didn't see Terence. On the contrary, they saw Jordan Luo smoking at the door.

Among the Terence's brothers, Jordan Luo left a most deep impression on Violet. Except for his appearance, she also liked his considerate heart.

Violet didn't like men who smoked, but she remembered that Terence never smoked in front of her. On the contrary, Jordan was smoking gracefully. He did not look dispirited. Instead, he was in high spirits. In the sun bath, he looked like an indifferent prince.

At the sight of them, he threw the cigarette in his hand to the ground casually, turned off the engine and strode towards them.

"Terence is busy. He asked me to pick you up. He'll be here soon."

Then he turned to Isla and said in a soft tone.

"I'm so glad you're here."

Compared to Jordan's tenderness, Isla was less annoyed and nodded. Their interaction was wonderful.

Seeing Isla did not want to talk to him, Jordan did not get angry, but took them to visit the assembly hall in high spirits and carefully explained every scenery here.

Violet found something interesting. Isla always gave a casual response to what Jordan said, but he didn't reduce his passion for her. Judging from his obvious reaction, even the careless Violet understood something.

She grabbed Isla's hand and asked suspiciously when Jordan Luo went to the bathroom.

"Is he chasing you?"

The question irritated Isla who had been silent for a while. She scornfully listed many of his shortcomings, including all his the romantic history. At last, she did not forget to send a text, "Why would I like that guy?"

Violet interrupted her deliberately, but Isla was like eating a cannonball, she could not stop talking.


Finally, the man standing behind her exploded with anger.

He was like a furious lion, staring at the back side of Isla's head, and his eyes were bloodshot.

Standing behind him, Terence shook his head helplessly at Violet, indicating her not to get involved in this matter.

Isla's chatter was interrupted by a roar.

Isla's mouth fell on the last "a" because she was too scared to close it. Violet saw clearly the expression on Isla's face. She was obviously uneasy, but she bore the humiliation and turned around.

"What! You scared the shit out of me! "

Isla raised her head and showed her extreme disdain.

Jordan Luo stared at Isla fiercely and pulled her out.

Violet wanted to follow them out, but she was stopped by Terence.

"Don't worry. Jordan won't do anything to Isla. Besides, Isla is a strong opponent. I don't think Jordan will win her. "

Comforted by Terence, Violet didn't worry too much. Isla Gu was the head of the school cracking club, so Violet Tang had nothing to worry about.

A few moments later, Isla and Jordan came back.

Nothing had changed on Isla's face, but Jordan stared at Isla with a livid face, like a lion that had found its prey and was about to pounce on her in the next second.

Violet kept Isla behind her so as to block the sight of Jordan.

Terence saw what his girl did. He took her in his arms and asked her to sit beside him.

Meanwhile, he gave a look to Jordan Luo, warning him not to involve his wife in their business.

Jordan turned his eyes away. But he looked like upset.

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