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   Chapter 8 We Are Married

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Before Violet recovered from the dream, she received a call from Isla Gu.

They were best friends. A few days ago, Isla opened a restaurant in another city and she had been busy with it for more than a month. Now she was on the right track. She just came back and asked Violet out.

In Isla's restaurant, Violet in her eight centimeter high-heeled shoes came to the appointment.

Isla was teaching a new girl at the bar counter how to make juice. At this moment, she saw a beautiful woman in white dress walk in.

She looked carefully and rubbed her eyes to make sure it was actually Violet.

Violet was a pretty woman. Her long curly hair fell over her shoulders. The white dress matched her skin. The eight centimeter high heels made her noble and elegant. She had a light make-up on her face. She was so beautiful that no one could take his eyes off her.

Except at school, Isla hadn't seen Violet dressed like this for a long time. With her eyes half closed, Isla Gu accurately perceived that something big happened to Violet.

'What changed a woman so much must be love.'

When Violet Tang was outside the door, she saw Isla scolding the employees with a stern face, and couldn't help smiling.

Isla Gu looked like a pretty porcelain doll. With short hair, she looked capable and energetic.

However, she was born with a serious face. Her expression was like that of Terence's grandmother when she was not smiling. But Violet knew it was like a queen hiding under Isla's beautiful face.

Unlike her, Isla was a troublemaker. Isla was a hot shot in her school years, and now she was starting her own business after graduation. Her life experience had never lacked wonders.

Isla, who was in her school years, had long hair to her waist and a pair of big, bright eyes shining with dazzling light, so charming and attractive. She was like an exquisite Barbie doll. For four years, she was chosen to as the first beauty in B city and had always been the target of boys.

After graduation, she walked away from her parents' arrangement, cut her long hair and started her business. Then she had completely became a strong woman.

Violet once thought that if Isla's rebellious period came too late, or she was hit by a handsome mixed blood man, how could a person change so greatly?

But there was something that could not be gotten to the bottom of the matter, even if they were friends. What she needed to do was to protect and support each other silently.

She couldn't help thinking of the friends of Terence, who also had the same situation?

Seeing Violet gobble down the two cups of coffee and some dessert, Isla scolded Violet for her carelessness.

After a long time, seeing that Violet was still eating, she couldn't help but ask, "Be honest, what happened to you recently?"

Isla Gu came close to Violet, her big bright eyes full of doubts, like a little fox with a bad heart.

In addition, Isla noticed that Violet's dress was tailor-made. It seemed that she had met a man of the rank of "golden bachelor".

Violet gave an awkward smile. She knew that she could hide nothing from Isla.

"I'm married."

Violet added unintentionally.


As soon as she finished her words, Isla spat out the coffee from her mouth, which was so unexpected that s

he even did not have the time to swallow it.

Luckily, Violet knew how powerful the coffee was. If she turned around at the last second, she would have been dead.

Looking at the coffee mark left on Isla's mouth, Violet burst into disdain.

'Isla said she was an experienced woman. Was it necessary to be so surprised by such a small situation?'

Apparently, after a month's time of getting along with each other, Violet had quite digested that she had been married.

In the face of the calm Violet, Isla suddenly felt that she seemed to make a fuss.

But Violet was going to get married!

How could she not be surprised?

"I remember that you were on a blind date a month ago. How could you get married so soon?"

Isla asked again with uncertainty. After all, this matter couldn't be settled so quickly. Was she kidding?

Violet nodded her head and said innocently.

"I met my Mr. Right on a blind date, so I got married. You told me that."

Isla nearly went crazy. Indeed, she was right. But it was too fast!

However, Violet didn't notice and continued to show off, "We have gotten our marriage certificate."

Isla was speechless.

Violet didn't look like an unreliable person, so what she did was ridiculous. Looking at the unconscious Violet on the other side, Isla doubted if this girl had been lied in marriage.

Especially, Violet was a little bit beautiful.

The more Isla thought about it, the more she thought it was highly possible, so she asked carefully.

"Then what does your husband do?"

Violet was stunned and then said, "I heard that he is running a company."

"I heard that" Isla acutely captured this sensitive word. 'So she doesn't even know what he is doing?'


Isla did not dare to tell her. Provided that Isla's guess was right, how could Violet accept it.

As long as Isla knew the name, she could definitely find out the background of the man with her contacts.

"Terence Gu."

This time, Violet was pretty sure that.

Terence once said that if she dared to forget his name, he would punish her severely.

As for the punishment, She didn't know.

Upon hearing the name, Isla was on the verge of fainting.

She kept the last sanity, picked up a magazine from the shelf randomly, then put it in front of Violet and asked, "Is he the man you are talking about?"

Isla wished so badly that they were two people with the same name, but Violet nodded. Before leaving, she made a comment.

"He looks more handsome in sports suit."


Isla Gu was so shocked that she made a loud noise. Violet touched her in worry, but Isla sat up straight suddenly which startled her.

Isla pulled Violet over and solemnly told her about Terence's family background.

"Terence Gu is not only the CEO of a listed company, but also have a military background at home. He also have a high position in the government.

He is from a rich and powerful family. He has an excellent ability and a perfect family background, which attracted a lot of women."

Although Terence had a wide range of affairs, the money Violet got from him would be enough to cover the rest of her life even if they divorced in the end.

"So, you must take good advantage of him."

Isla almost ground her teeth when she said the last sentence.

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