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   Chapter 7 The Baby

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Terence Gu's second uncle had given birth to twin kids, which Maranda was the most tormenting. He grew up abroad. Every year, he went to a country for traveling. After graduation, he began to work at a university. He was already a vice professor at such a young age.

Many people would be attracted by his appearance, and the level of the sixth grade of taekwondo black belt was intimidating.

In front of Terence was undoubtedly a flamboyant, bossy man, just like himself.

After a long time, his wife, sitting next to him, stared at Maranda Gu for a very long time, which made Terence a little annoyed. In a huff, he swore, "Son of a bitch! How dare you flirt with my wife!"

Maranda touched his head helplessly. 'Was it his fault to be handsome? What a shameless man Terence was to vent his anger on him.'

Looking at the silent and angry look on Maranda's face, Violet felt a sense of familiarity.

Terence led Violet to the table, pulled out a chair for her, and put her coat on a hanger. Then he took a seat beside her.

After finishing his moves, Terence looked at the three men who were looking at him as if they were looking at an alien. He didn't get angry.

"Let's make a formal introduction in today's party. My wife, Violet Tang. "

As soon as his voice fell, the three people looked at each other in dismay.

Because they had made a thorough preparation, so they didn't doubt the authenticity of his words.

But hearing it was one thing and seeing it face to face was another. They had never seen Terence Gu being obsessed with a woman like this before.

'She is really treasure for him.' They thought.

They looked at Violet and didn't find anything special about this girl, but the look on his face showed that he was not joking.

Since she was Terence's wife, then she was one of them.

Maranda touched his nose. He didn't expect that Violet was so important to Terence. It seemed that his elder brother had just been too easy on him.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Violet. I'm Jordan Luo, a good friend of Terence. We grew up together in bare hands." It was due to Jordan's quick response that they broke the weird situation. Only a few words could cover up the trace of ruffian in his fresh temperament.

"Hello, I'm Anthony Xiao." Then the man, who was sitting in the innermost and more learned, also greeted him.

Violet nodded at them with a smile. She suddenly felt jealous that Terence could have so many good friends around him.

They chatted happily and soon a series of dishes were served. Then something unexpected happened.

All of a sudden, Terence put lots of fish in Violet's bowl, including seafood, sauce and so on.

Two of them were having a good time, while the three single men on the opposite side got goose bumps.

Jordan Luo took out an old cellar for military which supply from somewhere, saying that they had been buried for more than ten years and had a unique taste.

Violet was just a little curious, and Terence persuaded her, so she drank a few more glasses of wine.

She felt a little dizzy after drinking so much and went straight to the washroom.

She quickly washed her face and looked at herself in the mirror, which was so drunken and hazy. What had happened these days was as absurd and ridiculous as a dream.

Through the mirror, she seemed to see the time deep in her memory, and those past memories gradually became clear in her mind. She was sober now.

When Violet just came out of the bathroom, she saw Terence talking on the phone at the corner of the stairs.

With gentle eyes and a faint smile at the corners of his mouth,

he talked with the person on the other end of the phone. Even his eyes were full of smile.

This smile was like a thunder exploding in her mind. Her eyes became cold. She turned around and went back to her room as if nothing had happened.

In the room, several people had drunk a lot, but they still sat there with a decent manner. Seeing Violet back, all of them had a weird smile on their faces.

Violet didn't care what was on their minds. She picked up her glass and drank it up.

She was so bold to propose a toast made Maranda even clapped his hands. The other two tried their best to propose a toast too. They just kept drinking to their hearts' content. In an instant, all the remaining drinks were drunk up.

When Terence Gu came back, he saw his wife lying on the table with a faint smile on her lips. He couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

"Terence, how did you get this treasure?" With a glass of wine in Maranda's hand, he looked a little drunk.

Terence looked at Violet and said

"I met her on the road."

Terence took the coat hanger and covered her with it. After greeting others, he gently held her up and walked towards the car.

Maranda thought, 'Just on the road? If it was so easy to meet, he could early met his girl.'

Violet had meant to get drunk, but she didn't. After drinking for a while, she felt dizzy and sober. She couldn't open her eyes because of the dizzy feeling, so she accepted his hug.

Terence put her in the car and fastened the seat belt. Then he saw Anthony Xiao came over.

"Are you serious this time?"

Anthony gave a glance at Violet with a complicated expression on her face, and then turned his eyes to Terence all of a sudden.

"What do you think?" Terence didn't reply. He looked at her with loving eyes. Then he asked him again.

Standing in the wind, the two men did not speak for a long time.

Terence opened the door of the driver's seat and was about to go home.

Before he took her seat, he heard Anthony's low voice, "Terence, Joyce will come back next month."

Vaguely, Violet saw that Terence was holding the car door, then he stopped. He whispered "H'm", and left with her.

Violet was not very stable in her sleep, and the sequela of her drunkenness was playing again in her dream.

In her dream, she came back to her teenager. She was still wearing the innocent smile and leading a carefree college life then.

She shuttled through the campus with Isla Gu, enjoying the enthusiastic welcome of the boys.

Downstairs in the dorm, a boy with a large bouquet of roses in his hand shouted, "Violet, marry me.".

The huge bouquet almost covered the boy's face. Only the tall body could be seen.

The crowd hooted.

Violet blushed with shame and came to the boy under Isla's pulling.

The boy moved the roses away, revealing his whole face It was Terence's face.

Violet suddenly woke up from her dream.

The sky was bright, and the sunlight came in through the thin white window gauze. It set off the room to be quiet and warm.

Thinking of the dream just now, Violet suddenly found it impractical. 'How could he appear in my dream in such a situation? Maybe it's because that I have been thinking too much recently, ' Violet thought in her mind.

After all, she was married to Terence, wasn't she?

Violet looked at the side and found that Terence had already gone to the company. He also considerately wrote a note and told her that he had prepared breakfast for her in the kitchen.

Violet was rolling on the bed. What should she do?

She was getting more and more accustomed to this kind of life.

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