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   Chapter 6 Don't Bully My Wife

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"Grandma, what brings you here?"

Terence Gu was still wondering why his wife didn't give him a reply today. When he raised his head, he found that his grandmother came.

But what he said irritated Mrs. Gu very much.

She was obviously unwelcome!

"What? Do you think I'm bothering you? "

Mrs. Gu said with a trace of anger in her voice.

'She was a little abrupt to come here, but she shouldn't be blamed for it. She had been waiting for him at home for a month, but he still didn't take his wife back. If they didn't go back, she could only come by herself.'

"It's an honor to have you here, grandma. I'm so glad that you come a few more times, so that we may share in your good fortune. I won't mind it. I was afraid that you might get tired. "

He dashed to grandmother and kept her company fawningly, totally different from the domineering CEO outside.

Even Violet, who stood beside, was in a daze for a second. She thought that she had been extremely spoiled by Terence in front of her, and she didn't expect that he would act like this.

Acting like a spoiled child.

Being able to do this to her grandmother made her trust him more.

Mrs. Gu was amused by his words, but she didn't care about it. She pushed away Terence who was clinging to her and pulled Violet to her side. She took off a jade bracelet and put it on Violet's wrist.

Violet wanted to refuse, but grandmother said it was a gift for granddaughter in law. Seeing the look in terence's eyes, Violet held back her words.

Before leaving, Mrs. Gu said to Terence, "You should take your wife home some time and have a meal together. I'm your grandma, so no one can bully her."

Mrs. Gu's words implied that she approved of Violet, and also indirectly reminded him that he didn't have to worry about his parents.

Then she dragged Violet aside.

"Terence has been spoiled by us since he was a child. He doesn't take you home to meet his parents on such an important matter. If he dares to bully you, you can tell me. I will punish him. "

What Mrs. Gu said touched Violet. Her eyes were moist.

"Don't bully my wife." Terence held her in his arms and said angrily.

Mrs. Gu scolded him with a smile, glanced at him, and then left reluctantly.

They didn't walk back until the black car was out of sight.

After changing her clothes, Violet looked at the jade bracelet on her wrist, slightly stunned. Looking at her in a daze, Terence thought it was somewhat funny. He said while gently stroking her hair, "It seems that grandma likes you very much."

Violet raised her head and looked at him confusedly, just like a little deer lost. Her red lips were both coquettish, innocent and sexy, which attracted him. He kissed her directly.

Violet was still immersed in what Terence said a moment ago and didn't expect that he would kiss her again.

As a proud man, Terence would never allow his wife to be kissed without paying full attention to it. He immersed her in it with his own experience.

The kiss was so strong mixed with strong emotion that she couldn't resist. If it were not for Terence holding her waist, she would have collapsed on the ground.

The more kisses she had, the more experience she had.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

The passion of Violet made him wild with joy, and the kiss deepened.

There was always someone stronger in the world. Violet thought that no matter how hard she tried, she would not be as experienced

as Terence. So she just let him do whatever he wanted. When Violet felt that her brain was out of oxygen and was about to faint, Terence slowly released her.

He lowered his head and looked at his wife whose lips were slightly swollen. The lipstick on her lips had already disappeared. Her eyes were blurred and full of temptation, like a lovable deer.

In the mind of Terence, Violet had always been charming. Although she was pure and lovely, she was still charming. And now, she was more and more attracted by his movements.

He wouldn't have let her go if he had not made an appointment.

He said after seeing the jade bracelet on her wrist, "Grandma made four jade bracelets, saying that it was a family heirloom and she would give it to the granddaughter in law of the Gu's clan in the future. This is the first one."

Hearing this, Violet finally understood the significance of the jade bracelet. She stared at it for a long time, feeling guilty.

Looking at his wife's silly look, the smile in his eyes deepened.

After the young couple got everything ready, Terence took Violet to the party they used to visit.

It was a huge private courtyard located on the bank of the river. From afar, one could see the bright lights on the bank. Though it was large, it was chic with pavilions, terraces, rockeries and flowers all included.

After the car was parked, Violet looked at the three top sports cars next to her. Each car was rich and noble, with bright red, low-key sapphire blue and uninhibited golden yellow.

She could not help but look sideways at Terence, who was wearing a dark blue handmade suit, set off his whole temperament incisively and vividly, revealing his noble temperament from inside to outside, so dazzling that let people want to worship him.

But look at herself. She was wearing a white dress and a pair of 8 cm high shoes with a pink handbag. It was a perfect match of a handsome man and a beautiful woman.

While Violet was in a daze, Terence had taken her towards the reception room.

The fountain gushed out from the top of the rockery, and flowed into a winding river channel. On the channel, there was a small wooden bridge, crooked. They entered the hall through the bridge.

The lights in the hall were dim and the ornaments were made of metal, presenting the elegant and noble aura of the Middle Ages in Europe.

With the guidance of a waiter, Terence led Violet directly to the innermost room. The exterior decoration was traditional European style, while the interior decoration was traditional Chinese style.

The fancy mahogany furniture was fully furnished, and in the middle of a large eight square table sat three gorgeous men.

The moment he opened the door, all eyes were drawn to him.

He looked around the room. No one brought disreputable women. It seemed that Maranda had already told them something.

"Terence, this must be Lady Violet, right?"

A man approached him before Terence could speak.

He rolled his eyes up and down, reached out his right hand and said friendly.

"Nice to meet you, sister-in-law. I'm the fourth son of Gu family, Maranda Gu."

The man in front of her had fair skin and the edges on his face were somewhat similar to Terence.

They were so close to each other that Violet could see no pore on his face. The perfect skin made her ashamed.

"Hello." Violet shook her hand with hesitation. Violet had heard that Maranda Gu was a family member of Terence's second uncle.

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