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   Chapter 5 The Character Of A Married Man

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It had been one month since they got married, but Terence was still in high spirits. Therefore, Violet was pretty sure what her life would be like in the future.

Her phone rang. Seeing the caller ID, Violet pursed her lips. Even she herself didn't know how attractive she was now.

"Baby, I miss you. Do you miss me? " She answered the phone and heard Terence's teasing voice.

No, No, No!

Violet wanted to answer this question, but it seemed that she really missed him just now.

"Yes." She answered ambiguously.

Terence now liked her to speak more sweet words, especially on the bed. Thinking of this, Violet blushed.

"Ha ha, I knew it. My wife misses me."

Terence Gu knew that she was shy, but he didn't force her. As long as his wife had him in her heart, that would be enough.

"Baby, let's go out to have dinner tonight. I want to introduce some friends to you. " His voice was serious and rare. Judging from his voice, Violet Tang knew that the friend he was going to meet was someone very important.

"Do I need to be well-dressed?" Violet asked foolishly.

Her words amused him. For many times, he was wondering how could his wife be so lovely?

"You look good no matter what you wear......" Terence wanted to tease her again, but when he saw the person who opened the door and came in, his tone changed slightly and said.

"I have an unscheduled meeting. You can go home after work. Let's set off from home together in the evening."

Annus opened the door and saw his boss giggle like an idiot. He wondered whether all married men would smile like this? If yes, it would be so terrible.

Annus shuddered at the thought that he would have such a day in the future.

Violet directly went home after work.

When she just arrived at the gate of the community, she saw an old lady walking back and forth with two bags of fruit in her hands.

Who was this old lady?

Violet looked around but didn't see anyone of them. So she walked up to ask directly.

The old woman came to bring fruits to his grandson, but she forgot his phone number, no one took him into the community.

The fire of Violet's bravery was ignited in an instant. She held the two bags of fruit in one hand and the old lady in the other.

Not far from the driver saw the old lady into the community, hanging a heart this just put down.

Violet wanted to send the old granny to her grandson's home, but why did she arrive at the door?

"Lady, who are you?"

Violet remembered that Terence had mentioned his grandparents, but she was afraid the one in front of her couldn't be? She was not sure.

"Yes, I am Terence's grandmother." At the door of the home, Mrs. Gu didn't hide any more. She opened the door and went inside.

Violet had no choice but to believe what Mrs. Gu said. Did she do this on purpose to test her? These two bags of fruit are really heavy!

"Please drink some water, Mrs. Gu."

After putting the fruits in place, Violet hurried to serve her tea.

It was the first time that she had seen the Gu's family. She felt uneasy, hoping that Terence could come back as soon as possible.

Mrs. Gu had been a soldier all her life. She was born with a commanding air, which made people shudder.

Sitting on the sofa, Mrs. Gu looked at Violet, who was facing her and looked at her up and down carefully.

To be honest, she didn't expect that Terence would marry her.

There were lots of children in the Gu's family, but none o

f them got married and settled down except for their granddaughter, Jasmine. Jasmine still wanted to do what Dink family with popularity, but she was the only girl in the third generation. Mrs. Gu could not beat or scold her.

As the oldest child of the three generations, the marriage of Terence was always what she wanted to solve most. She had been thinking about waiting for him to get married, and saw what grounds his brothers had for refusing marriage.

There was no doubt that Terence Gu was smart. His grandmother never doubted this. From the "king of soldier" in the previous courtyard to the school and starting up business, Terence had never been worried. But the biggest problem for Terence was marriage.

Although she kept urging him to marry, Terence would turn pressure into motivation. He would not give up the marriage only based on her a few words.

She had also heard about the affairs of Terence. He always had an affair with some young models and stars in the entertainment circle, so which good girl dared to marry him?

But the fact was that Terence married Violet.

In the bedroom, the huge wedding photo covered the entire wall. It seemed that it was not a random trick by Terence.

As for Violet, Mrs. Gu didn't investigate her. It was not because she didn't want to do that, but because she knew that this woman was the one her grandson attached great importance to. It was not wise to investigate her in such a dull way. Since she didn't want to figure it out, she wouldn't let anyone investigate it. Therefore, she could only feel it herself.

Mrs. Gu had already made a plan. She was quite satisfied with Violet's reaction. She was so kind, brave, righteous and full of the power of youth that it was difficult to ignore.

Mrs. Gu suddenly understood why Terence liked Violet. Even she herself liked Violet from the bottom of her heart.

She had never paid attention to her family.

Think that year her ancestral three generations of poor peasants, and the eldest son of the landlord didn't marry her because of her family background. But what happened at last? His life was not as comfortable as hers. With the development, nobody could thought that the past poor little girls would have such a position in this country now.

Therefore, the idea of family background was quite unreliable.

In front of Violet, Granny Gu looked happy from the bottom of her heart.

She didn't wear heavy make-up like those women outside. She had a clean and fair face. Wearing a white sportswear, Violet looked like a child. Mrs. Gu didn't know why her sophisticated grandson liked such type of girl.

It was said that Violet was a nurse, who looked like an angel in white. She stood there quietly, lowering her head slightly, and two hands were placed on both sides. She was like a soldier who had made a mistake.

Mrs. Gu coughed unnaturally, and her face softened.

"Well, you are Violet Tang, right? Come here."

It was rare for Mrs. Gu to show a kind look. As Terence said, she was really afraid that she would frighten Violet who was like a lamb in front of her.

"How old are you?"

Mrs. Gu asked as many questions as she could, and Violet answered them honestly.

"Baby, I'm back!"

They hadn't talked for a long time before Terence came back.

Violet blushed and didn't know what to say. "Baby." This word that sounded too ambiguous. They sounded so intimate when Terence called this word to Violet in front of Mrs. Gu.

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