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   Chapter 4 Unrestrained

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Violet's mind was on her face, which was clear to Terence. His heart ached when he saw his wife's wrinkled face.

"I will talk to your parents."

Terence comforted her while touching her head.

Violet curled up her lips. She was shocked by what Terence said. She didn't want her parents to be scared.

At first, Terence took Violet to her apartment and tidied up her clothes. He described them as "we should live our lives".

Violet had just accepted the fact that she was married, and it was hard for her to accept the fact that she would live under the same roof with this man. Before she could finish her sentence, he had already driven to her house.

She reluctantly took him to her apartment. Her mind had cleared up a little.

As soon as Terence entered the apartment, the first thing he saw was a pair of pink slippers, gauze curtains with lace and the tidy furnishings. They were all full of the smell of his wife.

There were several green plants on the windowsill, making the room full of vitality.

Violet grabbed several clothes and casually put them into the suitcase, thinking about how to say that she didn't want to live with Terence. Looking at Terence who was gasping for breath beside the potted plants, Violet suddenly felt he was very lovely.

Even in other people's eyes, there was no connection between "cute" and him.

"Are you done?"

"Miss Violet, are you all right?".

How could Terence not understand what his wife meant? But if he had his eyes on something, there was no possibility for her to escape? He had to start the fight first to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Violet was trying to find an opportunity to talk to him. Since he had asked, she would like to be frank.

Just as Violet was about to speak, the door of the apartment was opened from the outside.

Violet's first reaction was "no" and then her mother came in from the outside.

"Violet, the blind date..."

Not finishing her words, Mrs. Tang looked up and saw a handsome man sitting at her daughter's bedside.

At the thought of the blind date yesterday, Mrs. Tang naturally thought that Terence was the man who had a blind date with Violet yesterday. Now when she saw them in an intimate room and her daughter seemed to be packing, she understood.

She's been that age, too. When she saw her daughter reached the age of thirties and had not married, she was a little anxious. But wasn't it too early for them to live together?

"Mom, I'm Terence Gu."

The sound of "mom" made Mrs. Tang almost wanted to throw the thing in her hand away. She looked at Violet right away.

Violet stood up awkwardly. She equivocated for a long time before she explained the situation clearly.

"Mom, please give me the dish."

Now that Terence had fully adapted himself to the new environment, he naturally took the groceries he bought from Mrs. Tang, as if he were the host of this house.

Mrs. Tang had planned to cook some nutritious food for her daughter by the off duty. But she never expected that it would be such a tough problem. So she didn't have time to cook, but asked Violet instead.

But Terence didn't care about it. He rolled up his sleeves and started cooking.

Her mother's constant nagging almost killed Violet. When she couldn't bear to surrender to her mother, she thought, 'didn't Terence say that I would talk to your parents? Anyone here?

But soon, Mrs. Tang was totally attracted by the delicious dishes on the table.

During the meal, Mrs. Tang did her bes

t to display her capability as a human teacher. She asked about the background of Terence from his career to his family, including his preferences, ideal, future plans. She asked all the questions.

When he said, "my dream in this life is to cook for the people I love in person", Violet could clearly see the star in her mother's eyes.

At last, Mrs. Tang held Violet's hand and told her that she married with her father because she loved the cooking skill of him. Now such a young man one in a million, Mrs. Tang told Violet that she should surely cherish him.

But Terence said, "Violet is my lifetime treasure. Marrying her is my greatest happiness.".

Mrs. Tang was very tolerant of their flash marriage and even gave praise to Terence. She praised Terence repeatedly. No wonder his business was so big that he had vision and means.

When they left, Mrs. Tang pulled Violet aside and wished her a good life. Now that Violet was married, Mrs. Tang wanted her daughter to be a good wife and a good mother.

Violet arrived at the apartment of Terence as expected. Now she was willing to live with him. Instead, they had also registered marriage. Why couldn't she just accept it?

Especially, her mom likes him so much...

The apartment of Terence Gu was not far from the hospital so it was convenient for Violet to go to work, which was what Violet liked about this place.

Their wedding photos were sent to the apartment in less than three days. Looking at the huge wedding photos on the wall, they smiled happily. The woman was petite and beautiful, and the man was handsome and natural. They were perfectly matched.

Seeing the photo, Violet finally could find a hint of truth from the fantasy.

Later, Terence came to visit Violet's parents with gifts. Her father had already heard about them from her mother. Mr. Tang thought he didn't have much ability all his life to guarantee that his wife and daughter would live comfortably. What he pursued most in his life was that his daughter could marry into a good family.

Although Mr. Tang did not say much, his uneasiness was still exposed when he got drunk with Terence at the table.

Drunk Mr. Tang waved his fist at him." If you don't treat my daughter well, I will definitely beat you down, regardless of who you are."

Then he turned to hold Violet's hand and sobbed, "my baby, wherever you are, I will always protect you."

Although it had caused a sensation, Violet was deeply moved.

As for Terence, he once asked Violet to her father whether he was a gangster before? He was a little scared of the words "I'm".

But he would never do that to his dear wife.

Violet was overwhelmed by the tenderness of these two men, so she just let them go.

Soon, a month passed.

Violet became very tender and pink, which made people want to kiss her.

A few nurses in the hospital asked Violet if she was in a relationship, because love was the only thing that could make a woman so charming.

According to this conclusion, Violet smiled mysteriously. As the gossip spread for a long time, they became less curious, so they began to gossip something new.

When Violet turned around, touching her aching waist, she couldn't help thinking of the smirk on Terence's face.

That man was nothing more than a beast!

Moreover, it was a beast without restraint!

She didn't know where he got the energy. As the president of a listed company, he should be busier than her, but why did he flirted with her every day in bed!


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