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   Chapter 3 Married

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With her eyes tightly closed, Violet tried to remember what had happened last night. All of a sudden, she jolted awake, her memory flooding back.

The face of a handsome man that was just barely and inch away from hers caught Violet off guard.

It took her a lot of effort to hold back her scream. She did not even dare to breathe, afraid of awakening the man in front of her.

She looked down at her body, and understood now why she felt like she was being chained to the bed.

The man in front of her had his arms around her in a tight embrace as if she was a pillow, and his long legs were resting on top of hers. No wonder her body felt so heavy!

And what was more important... 'We... we're naked?! Where are my clothes! Oh my God...'

Violet finally realized the gravity of the situation.

She couldn't figure out why she was here. All she remembered was that the man in front of her treated her to drink when she was in the bar. But she couldn't remember getting drunk and going to bed with him.

With her body aching, she vaguely had an idea what happened last night.

At that moment, Terence woke up as well, and saw Violet looking around the room with a puzzled look on her face.

With a playful smile, he closed his eyes again. Abruptly, he turned to lie on his back, bringing Violet with him so that she laid on top of him.

Violet covered her mouth with her hand heavily. As they got closer to each other, she could even clearly see each individual lash on his eyes.

'Wait a minute... Why do I have to act so carefully around him? I'm the one at loss here!' Violet thought to herself.

Violet looked carefully at Terence's face, and distinctly saw his eyelashes trembling slightly.

'Ah! He's even pretending to be asleep!?'

Like an angry lion, Violet got rid of Terence at once.

Terence opened his eyes, and looked at Violet with a wide smile. Then he got out of bed and went to the bathroom.

Violet blushed heavily when she saw him get up bare naked.

Sitting up the bed, Violet massaged her temples and tried to settle down the headache she was having. Within a few minutes, the man came out of the bathroom, neatly dressed now, and walked past her out the bedroom. Violet then suddenly heard the sound of pots and plates. 'Was he... cooking?' Virtuous behavior like that made Violet feel slightly ashamed.

'He seems nice enough... But even still! That doesn't mean that I should be inferior to him!' With a determined nod, Violet pulled herself together and went to the bathroom to freshen up. 'We're adults. Adults have sex. It's no big deal, ' she thought to herself as she washed her face.

'What's more, I'm not at a total loss here. My drinks last night were free. I had sex. He's cooking breakfast... I'm actually winning here, if I was being honest with myself!'

After Violet got dressed, she went over to the kitchen. Terence had prepared a delectable looking meal. Violet eagerly sat down and ate the food he made. Her father was a chef, and so she was used to eating delicious food. But the food Terence made was so good she couldn't help but praise his cooking.

Since Violet firmly believed in the principle that "men and women should equally work together", she took the initiative to clean up the dishes.

Meanwhile, Terence went back to the bedroom to clean up. When he saw the bloodstain on the sheet, he grinned from ear to ear.

Afterwards, Terence came back to the kitchen, leaning casually on the door frame as he looked at Violet washing the dishes.

"I think we're the perfect for each other. Want to get married?"

Terence said in a casual tone. Hearing this, Violet snorted, "Ha-ha. Well, you'd better get the marriage license today."

A soft laugh escaped from his lips as he looked lovingly at Violet. Violet had forgotten that last night she had given Terence one of her identification cards.

He was quite surprised when he saw her date of birth. She was pure and innocent, like a college girl. Yet, she was already 28 years old now. It

was no wonder that she went on a blind date.

'Wow, what a lucky dog I am!' thought Terence, smiling even more happily.

After Terence made a quick call, Annus soon arrived. He took a photo of Terence and Violet, and left with Violet's ID card.

Within an hour, Annus came back with a wedding photo with a red frame in his hands. On the bottom border, the word "married" was embossed in golden characters. For a while, Violet couldn't believe that getting married could be simplified to such a degree! She even thought that it was all just a joke they were playing with her.

Before Violet could digest the whole thing, Terence took her to the photo studio. After they took a lot of sweet pictures together, it was finally dawning on Violet that she was in fact now married!

'How am I going to tell my family about this thought?' she worried. Although her parents were looking forward to getting her married, she just went on the blind date yesterday. And now she would come home to them and say that she had now a married woman! It was definitely very odd.

As Violet thought about this, Terence's phone rang. It was his grandmother calling.

"Terence, I warn you. If you married a disreputable woman, you will be kicked out of from this family!"

Despite that Grandma Gu was in her eighties, she spoke with a tenacity.

Back in her earlier years, she had joined the Red Army, braving open fire across the vast battlefield. She had been a model to all the other officers at that time.

Now that she was old, all she wanted now was to be surrounded by the love and laughter of children. Since all of her grandchildren had now grown up, she began looking forward for her great grandchildren. The thought that one of her grandchildren could bring in a new baby into their lives made her restless.

But haste was not equal to indecency!

Terence instantly took the phone away from his ear and waited until his grandmother finished shouting at him. Then, he answered her in a low voice, "Grandma, do really take me as someone who's blind? Please trust me for once. Besides, since we have gotten the marriage certificate, she is now my wife and technically a part of this family. No one in our family is less than excellent. She's with me now. Don't lose your temper and scare my wife away."

Since Terence had known his grandmother for all his life, he knew clearly how changeable her temper was.

As expected, Terence's grandmother cooled down a lot after hearing what he said. With a sigh, she talked back to Terence with a much calmer voice.

"Since you have chosen your wife, take her to us so we can get a chance to know her. She's not just your wife, Terence. She is the wife of my grandson. Don't try to keep her away from me."

Hearing that, he knew that his grandmother had passed the buck.

"Grandma, you are the first one to know about this. My parents..."

Terence said, trailing off.

"Don't worry. I'll talk to your parents. You just need to bring her back as soon as possible,"

his grandmother replied, instantly understanding what Terence was trying to say.

Both of his parents worked in the army and had been in high position for years. Both of them had high standards about the woman Terence was ought to marry.

Violet had a clean background. But Terence could only imagine that his parents would think that she wasn't suited to be their daughter-in-law.

Even though Terence had dated a lot of gorgeous stars before, he had never thought of marrying them or even bringing them back home to meet his family.

Although his parents had changed a lot after he entered his thirties, he didn't want his wife to be wronged because of his parents' mindset.

Terence was already middle-aged, and this was the first time for him to have such strong feelings towards a woman. A sense of pride and gratefulness washed over him.

Meanwhile, Violet didn't care what the phone call Terence had was about. All she wanted now was how to tell her parents that she had now suddenly married!

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