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   Chapter 2 Terence Gu

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'Why did he even bother to ask me if he was going to sit down before I even said anything?' Violet pouted.

When the man sat down in front of her, the light from the hanging lamp overhead fell on his face, and it was only then that Violet had a good look at him.

He was wearing a sapphire blue shirt. The first two buttons were undone, slightly showing his strong chest, and his sleeves were loosely rolled up, revealing his wheat skin. He had thin lips and a straight, high nose. But the most remarkable thing about his face were his eyes, which were dark and deep. They had a charming but ominous glow, like a deep and mysterious well that hypnotized people until they fell inside and drowned.

'This guy looks like he's the successful and noble type, ' Violent thought to herself as she looked at the man carefully.

The man, Terence Gu, never would have expected that he would take the initiative to pursue a woman. It was the first time during his thirty-two years of existence that he had done something like this. If his buddies knew what he was doing, they would surely laugh their heads off.

And yet, here he was, playing the game as smooth as a veteran.

Terence's grandmother had been on her toes, nagging him for a great grandson. Being the eldest of his brothers, Terence was the first one who was expected to go on blind dates.

He had already been to so many blind dates that it had worn him out, and eventually he started standing up the women he was supposed to meet. It was for this reason his grandmother had sent Annus along with him to make sure that he wouldn't run away. Much to their surprise, Terence's blind date didn't show up.

However, Terence did notice Violet the very moment she entered the coffee shop. Everyone in that coffee shop was either wearing an expensive suit or dress. Meanwhile, Violet came in wearing something casual, making her really stand out.

Violet had her hair in a sleek ponytail, which made her face look bright and fresh. There wasn't an ounce of makeup on her face, although her skin flushed with a healthy pinkish glow, making her look like a student fresh out of college.

In fact, the man she went on a blind date with earlier, despite being all dressed up, looked like he was out of her league.

Terence figured that since she was going on a blind date that she wasn't as young as she really looked like. Because they were seated close to each other earlier, he couldn't help but eavesdrop on their conversation.

The blind dates were pretty much all the same. The balding man was so noisy and arrogant. He didn't care about how loud his voice got.

As Terence stared at the couple, he started to get bored. And then, at a sudden turn of events, Violet snapped back at the man. Terence's eyes lit up as he laughed softly.

'This girl's a fighter, ' Terence thought, feeling amused.

Not once did he ever think he was an honorable man. He was the type of person who would do anything to get what he wanted. The way Violet had acted at the cafe made him think how much the two of them were alike. He had never seen a woman like that before, and felt that it might be interesting to marry a woman like her.

From the moment he stood up to follow her, Terence had made up his mind that he was going to make Violet his.

It was obvious that Violet was different from all the other women he had dated in the past. There was something so mesmerizing about her that he just couldn't take his eyes off her.

"What kind of wine do you like? My treat,"

Terence said smoothly, a seductive smile playing on his lips.

Pursing her lips, Violet shrugged indifferently.

Violet was still upset over her blind date earlier. She came here to drink, and now there was a man sitting beside her, who offered to bu

y her drinks. It seemed too good to pass up on. Besides, drinking at the bar seemed like a nicer idea than going home to her mother's interrogative questions.

If anything, Violet actually had a very high alcohol tolerance. The first time she had something to drink was when she was just a child. Her father dipped his chopsticks in some wine and dabbed them on her lips.

As she grew older, the amount of wine she drank increased exponentially. Whenever she was free, she would drink with her father at home. But during the few times Violet felt that she was getting too drunk, she would decisively stop drinking any more.

Given the circumstances right now, however, Violet couldn't resist the temptation of going all out. It had been a bad day, and someone was going to get her free drinks.

They finished ten bottles of beer, two bottles of red wine and a glass of hard liquor before Violet got incredibly drunk.

Terence was getting dizzy as well, but when he saw Violet slumped over the table, a devious smile crept up his face. After quickly paying the bill, he pulled Violet into his arms.

Violet did not protest as she was way too drunk to figure out what was happening. Her whole face flushed. There was hair plastered on her forehead with sweat. Her charming red lips were like a red cherry, making it look so soft and irresistibly kissable.

Upon emerging out of the bar, Annus was already at the entrance, waiting with the car. "Sir..." Annus stammered, a little surprised at the scene.

"To the villa,"

Terence said coldly as he gently led Violet into the car.

Annus hesitated for a moment, but figured it was best to just do what he was told.

"Boss, if your grandma called..."

he gently reminded.

"Tell her the truth."

With a wave of his hand, Terence got inside the car and shut the door.

Annus touched the tip of his nose. 'Jeez. I hope to God his grandmother doesn't kill me!'

Violet laid on the large and luxurious European style bed. The heat from all the liquor she drank made her take off her coat. There was nothing else she could think about other than the fact that her head was spinning and her body felt unbearably hot.

Her smooth white skin now had a subtle flush to it, making her look all the more delicate.

"I feel so hot... so hot..."

she murmured, squirming lightly on the bed.

Terence entered the room and saw how Violet was acting. The sight of such a dainty woman made his heart melt in his chest.

He took out a damp towel and carefully wiped the sweat off her forehead.

Violet was still rolling around unconsciously. When her face touched Terence's cold hand, she couldn't help snuggle her cheek against his palm.

Terence looked at her and gently kissed her ear, as if he were handling the most precious of treasures that would break with one wrong move.

"Terence Gu," he said, his voice low like a purr, "Remember your man's name."

His assertive yet gentle voice echoed in Violet's thoughts like a dream she wanted to indulge in.

How could Violet distinguish between reality and illusion now? 'Am I dreaming? Is this all just a dream? Or a nightmare? I can't tell anymore...' she thought right before slipping into a drunken darkness.

The night got deeper, and the bright moonlight glowing in the black sky made everything look quiet and peaceful. The stars twinkled overhead, like a thousand fairies blinking their eyes. A gentle breeze blew, stirring in the air with the faint smell of spring.

The next morning...

When Violet woke up, her head was raging with a hangover. It was as if she had been run over by a car several times. She tried opening her eyes, but it made her headache even worse. What's more, her body was so sore that she was unable to move a single muscle.

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