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   Chapter 764 What Should We Do

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Jeremy thought he still had the strength to save Sherry, but somehow he felt flustered now. It was really not a good thing.

Chester looked at him and said, "Now you can't go to find that woman directly. You don't know the specific address, so the best way is to wait.

I believe this woman will definitely ask you for money. When she contacts you, you can do as she says. We will deal with the rest."

Chester said seriously.

Jeremy still thought that he could handle it alone at this time.


Jeremy would not really let himself do such a thing alone. When Chester looked at him, he nodded and said, "In that case, thank you."

It seemed that he was a little confident.

"By the way, can I ask you something?"


Their feelings were still different, but when Jeremy looked at Chester, his feelings were still more different. This kind of feeling was often indescribable.

Since Jeremy realized that Chester might be more powerful than him, he began to change his attitude towards Chester.

He hoped that Chester and he could have a good communication.

"Hmm?" Chester raised his eyebrows to show his doubt.

"So, at present, Sherry's parents should really not intend to care about Sherry, but what I want to ask you is, do you think it is necessary for us to follow them?"

Was that really necessary?

"I think you'd better let your men continue to follow them. Although we have some guesses now, what if this woman is still under their control? Moreover, the most important thing is where Sherry is.

We have to figure it out before we can continue the following things. This is the most critical period so far."

Jeffery nodded and said, "I've asked my men to protect the two children, but I think you'd better tell the two children that they have the right to know about it."

After the kidnapping incident, Lucas and Kami didn't treat Jeffery as bad as before. They even treated him much better than before.

"Yes, they do have the right to know. But these things are obviously not the most important at the moment. There should be more important things. That is, the ability of Lucas and Kami."

At first, Chester thought he shouldn't have said that.

After all...

If one more person knew those things, it would be more dangerous for the two children.


Now the relationship between Jeremy and Sherry had become like this, so Jeremy must know it sooner or later.

As for Jeffery.

Although sometimes Chester felt that this young man was not as reliabl

ery scheming, haven't you thought of another thing? Do you believe that even if Sherry comes out, she doesn't know that you guys did this?

You haven't been in touch with Sherry for a long time anyway. Even if you two die suddenly, there shouldn't be too much doubt, right?"

Sherry's parents were quite extreme in the face of some things.


They had never seen such a scene.

They looked at Steve in disbelief, trembling.

"Do you really know what you are doing now? You are threatening us. Let me tell you, this is the police station."

"Police station?"

Steve tittered, tilting his head.

"We are indeed at the police station, but this is just a room inside. Even if I want to do something now, they won't pay any attention. So, are you really not going to say anything?"

Steve gave a different impression than Jeremy.


Jeremy gave people the feeling that he was a man who was caring about Sherry.


At this time, Steve gave people an indescribable sense of danger, as if their lives would be in danger at any time as long as they touched this man.


In the matter of Sherry, Sherry's parents looked really shameless.


When facing Steve, they didn't even dare to say one word.


If Steve really did anything to them, what should they do? Sherry's parents were afraid that the result would be very terrible.

Sherry's father collapsed to the side, sighed, and then said helplessly, "Okay, I'll tell you."

When Sherry's father said this, Sherry's mother seemed to hear a bolt from the blue. She held Sherry's father and cried loudly, "Adam, you can't tell them. If you tell them, both of us will be over!"

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