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   Chapter 762 Satisfied

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Jeffery just rolled his eyes at what Chester said, but he didn't say anything more.

For Jeffery, work was more important.

"I'm leaving..."

Although Jeffery was a little helpless in the face of Chester, he still did not forget his identity, Chester's subordinate.

Now that he had been subordinate to Chester, he should satisfy him, shouldn't he?

Chester watched Jeffery leave with a smile.

This young man was really growing up bit by bit.

Chester thought he had to look of Jeffery with new eyes.

"Where are you going?"

Although Jeffery had a vague idea in his mind, there were some things that he did not have an exact idea.

"Just do as you said."

Jeffery looked relaxed.

Chester was completely silent. Since he had made up his mind at the beginning and left the rest to the young man to make the decision, it should be the best attitude to keep silent at this time.

When Jeffery said that he was going to move, Sherry was really worried about him.

"Have you encountered something that can't be solved? If that's the case, you must tell me. You just want to leave, and this can't be solved, right?"

Looking at Jeffery, only Sherry herself knew how he felt at this moment.


Sherry was really worried about Jeffery, so she was trying hard to persuade him.

Sherry had worked hard enough.

However, it didn't seem to have any effect.

When Jeffery looked at Sherry, he looked more helpless and said, "Well, things are different from what you think. I've found a new job, but I don't want you to know what I'm doing. When I achieve some success, I'll come back to you."

Although Jeffery had said so, Sherry still looked worried.

But Jeffery frowned and said, "I know why you are worried about me. But things are different from what you think. Even if you continue to guess, it is useless."

While saying these words, Jeffery looked very serious.

Looking at Jeffery like this, Sherry didn't know what to say.


It seemed that there was nothing wrong with what Jeffery said. Since he didn't intend to tell her at the beginning, he didn't want her to know.

Of course.

Even if she had tried her best to ask, he would not tell her.

It was the same as before, and now it was the same.

"You're right. It's useless to keep guessing. I won't ask you anything more. Anyway, I can't get the result I want. But, if you encounter any difficulties, remember to contact me."

In fact.

Jeffery really wanted to tell Sherry that even if he really encountered some problems, she couldn't help him by herself.


When Jeffery looked at the way Sherry looked a

had an indescribable feeling.

It seemed that she was very happy.

And she was very proud.

Look, such a man like Jeremy also loved her so much.


Sherry really felt the sincerity of Jeremy, and she also felt happy at the moment, so when she was talking to Jeremy, she was very gentle.

"By the way, if you have time, I want to take you out for a while, okay? I want to show you the most beautiful thing in the world."

Sherry looked at Jeremy with a smile, "In your eyes, am I not the most beautiful thing in the world?"

Lucas poked his head out and said, "I know I shouldn't have disturbed you two now, but you have to take care of me and Kami. We are really hungry."

Looking at the watch, Sherry found that it was already evening.

She immediately apologized to the kids, "I didn't mean to do that. I'm going to cook for you right now."

When Sherry was about to stand up, she was stopped by Jeremy, "Let me do it."

Then Sherry watched Jeremy walk into the kitchen.

Sherry looked at Lucas and asked, "So, you finally accept Jeremy?"

Kami also came out and curled his lips.

"It's not up to us. Yes, maybe we are still a little dissatisfied with him, but as long as you like him, we won't say anything more. Of course, if he dares to treat us badly..."

Even if the two kid hadn't finished their words, Sherry knew what they were going to say later.

Jeremy poked his head out of the kitchen and said helplessly, "Do you think I dare treat you two badly?"

Jeremy certainly didn't dare offend his two children now.

Jeremy thought to himself, 'Not to mention that I don't want to make Sherry sad now, if Chester knows I treat you bad, it will be a big trouble.'

"That's good." The two kids said proudly.

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