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   Chapter 760 Jeremy's Suggestion

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Sherry was swallowing.

At this time, Sherry just looked at Jeremy with a very inconceivable look.

She always felt that there were a lot of things, which were so inconceivable for her.

It was a terrible feeling for her.

"I'm very satisfied with your attitude now. For a man, what he wants most is that he can make his woman satisfied with him. After I see your attitude now, I think I have succeeded."

No matter how red Sherry's face was at the moment, in the eyes of Jeremy, he just appreciated her cuteness.

After Jeremy left for a long time, Sherry's face was still red.

As for Jeremy, he just arrived at the opposite door.

"What are you doing here?"

At the beginning, when Jeffery saw Jeremy, he immediately pulled a long face, although he knew that Jeremy had done a lot over the years.


Jeffery realized that he still didn't like Jeremy very much. It seemed that it had nothing to do with other things.


At this time, his attitude towards Jeremy was naturally very bad.

"I want to tell you something about Sherry."

Jeffery, who had been looking at Jeremy with dissatisfaction before, suddenly became silent after hearing this.

Finally, he sighed and said helplessly, "Come in."

After Jeremy sat down, Jeffery went to pour a glass of water for him. This was the first time that Jeremy had been treated like this.

When Jeremy looked at Jeffery, his eyes was full of confusion.

Was there really nothing wrong with Jeffery's brain?

Why did Jeffery treat him so well today?

Was it because of Sherry that Jeffery's attitude was so good? Thinking of this, Jeremy became even unhappier.

Normally, it was Jeffery's freedom for him to fall in love with someone.


Jeffery was in love with his wife. Jeremy didn't think he was so generous.

"Are you having a hard time with Chester?"

Jeremy could tell that Jeffery didn't like to talk to him at the moment, so he didn't want to waste his time. He spoke it out directly.

"Why do you suddenly ask this?"

Jeffery almost answered Jeremy's question, but when he clam himself down little by little, he knew that he could not answer Jeremy's question so easily.

For example, he had to at least figure out what Jeremy's purpose was. In this way, he would be in the mood to face the remaining things.

Wasn't it?

r, one's mood could really change everything.

Therefore, the decision of a person's final decision might be very important at this time.

"But, Jeremy, haven't you ever thought about it? Although it's the last thing you want to face, the person who really makes me come to Sherry is not anyone else, but yourself.

At that time, you always didn't like Sherry. Every time you saw Sherry, you thought you should keep a distance from her. As for Zoe, isn't it also because of you?

Although what Zoe did at that time was really outrageous, how could that woman do such a thing if she didn't like you? It was impossible, wasn't it?

Jeremy, look, everything now is caused by yourself. But maybe you still haven't figured it out.

Sometimes, when facing you, I really think that you, as well as what you have done are ridiculous. Even now, I don't know why the man that Sherry likes is you.

If you were Chester, I would at least be willing to lose to such a man.

But... Jeremy, do you know that? Every time I think of losing to you in such a relationship, I won't be reconciled."

At this moment, Jeffery looked like a trapped beast.

He was protecting his last dignity.

He was trying to do.


Hearing what Jeffery said, Jeremy had a very strange feeling, but this strange feeling was indescribable.

At last.

Looking at the way Jeffery looked at him, Jeremy couldn't help but chuckle, "But... Jeffery, have you ever thought about one thing? No matter how much you don't like me, you are just a loser in such a relationship."

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