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   Chapter 759 Are You Really Not Curious About My Scent

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"By the way, do you know where Jeffery works recently?"

Just when Jeremy thought he would be quiet for a while, Sherry suddenly said.

Jeremy was stunned. He didn't know if Sherry had known something, but he shook his head and said, "I don't know..."

"If you have time, please help me pay attention to it. During this period of time, I can see that Jeffery is not in a good mood and he is very tired. I want to know if something has happened and if I can help him," said Sherry.

While speaking, Sherry looked very serious.

Jeremy wanted to tell Sherry that she couldn't help him.


At this moment, looking at Sherry like this, Jeremy felt that he couldn't say that. In the end, he just nodded and said, "I know. I will help you pay attention to it."

It seemed that Sherry didn't notice the emotional change of Jeremy at all. She just smiled and said to him, "Thank you."

On the contrary, the two children looked a little strange when they looked at Jeremy, as if they had known something that they shouldn't have known.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

Although Sherry was a careless woman, when she saw the other three people at the table looking at her with that kind of eyes, Sherry was still a little nervous. She didn't know if she had done something wrong.

Jeremy sighed and said helplessly, "I know I shouldn't have such a doubt about you, but can you tell me whether you really don't like Jeffery?"

In fact

Jeremy was just a little insecure.

Sherry said helplessly, "I don't like Jeffery anymore. Even if I still have some feelings for him, it's the kind of feeling that sister treats her brother. So, even if you are really jealous, that person shouldn't be Jeffery."

Only Sherry knew how helpless she was when she said these words.


Looking at Sherry eagerly, Jeremy felt that what Sherry said was still the kind of words that he was particularly unwilling to face. What did Sherry mean at this time? Was there any greater threat to him besides Jeffery?


If there was really such a threat, then who was the threat? Why didn't he notice it at all before?

Looking at Jeremy, Sherry smiled gently.

She felt that she could satisfy her sense of achievement when she saw that Jeremy was flustered because of her.

"Nothing has happened here. Don't worry."

When Jeremy looked at Sherry, he looked very depressed.

In the end...

Even Sherry her

in and he began to slowly taste Sherry.

Sherry was stunned by Jeremy's sudden move.

It took her a while to realize whether she should push Jeremy away.

She pushed away Jeremy and said with a red face, "How can you do this?"

Just now, she was really not prepared at all.

"Why can't I? I like you. I'm trying to win your attention in my own way. I don't think I did anything wrong."

Jeremy said shamelessly.

"I just wanted to kiss you all of a sudden, so I did it directly. You see, we have reconciled. In the future, we will still do what a couple will do. It's okay for us to do it earlier." At this moment.

Jeremy felt wronged when he spoke.

Since Jeremy knew that in his heart, the person he liked most was Sherry, there was no other woman in his heart. Therefore, when he really said this, he looked more aggrieved.

As for Sherry, she just looked at Jeremy in front of her blankly. She seemed to have a lot to say, but before she could open her mouth, she didn't know what else she could say.

It seemed to be a small deal, but in fact, she was the most innocent and didn't know what to do.

This feeling was bad for her.

Wasn't it?

"Well, I need some time..."

Sherry found that she really couldn't refute this man. At this time, every word that Jeremy said was reasonable. If she really refuted him, she would feel very sorry.


Sherry also didn't know why she had such an illusion.

"I know you need time, and of course I can give you enough time. But are you really not curious about my scent?"

As Jeremy spoke, he pointed at his lips in front of Sherry.

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