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   Chapter 758 Have A Good Meal

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"Well, anyway, I really scared you just now. I should give you some compensation."

Just as Sherry was about to leave, she was stopped by Jeremy beside her.

She said, "What?"

Sherry was not stupid, but the current Jeremy was really strange to her.


Sherry just looked at Jeremy blankly. At this moment, she always had a feeling of unreality.

She wondered whether the man in front of her was really the same Jeremy she had known before.


Why couldn't she see it at all?

"Well, I know what you are worried about, but since I'm here now, I won't leave. I think you will get used to being taken care of by me in the future."

Then Jeremy stood up.

When Jeremy walked to the door, he gave Sherry a charming smile and said, "I'm your man. This kind of thing should be done for you by me, shouldn't it?"

Sherry was speechless.


Recently, she felt that she had a good acceptance ability, but now when she saw this scene, she still felt unreal.

After changing her clothes, Sherry went straight to see how Jeremy was cooking.


Sherry felt that if she just looked at Jeremy a little more, no matter how strange he was doing, she would feel normal too.


She knew that everything Jeremy did was a way that he liked her.

Actually, Sherry was really looking forward to it.

"Am I handsome?"

At the same time, Jeremy noticed the way Sherry looked at him. When he saw that Sherry was looking at him, he even put on a poss that seemed to be quite good.

To show his muscles at the moment.

"You are so good-looking."

Although Sherry was a little helpless, what she said at this time was true to her heart. The man looked really handsome.

Looking at Sherry like this, Jeremy smiled and said, "I think you really should understand something. It's reasonable for you to bear it."

Sherry sighed and said helplessly, "I know you want me to see some changes in you, but do you really know that what I see now is not your changes, but shock.

I always feel that you are giving me an indescribable feeling now. I don't know what's going on, but I just feel that my mood is very strange. Forget it, I'd better go back to sleep."


Sherry felt that she could at least express her own thoughts clearly in front of Jeremy.


It was not until now that she realized how ridiculous she looked before.

Even if she had tried very hard, she really didn't know wh

so well before."

"I studied for a while before. I just want to cook a good meal for the people I care about. No matter what, receiving your praise, I know I'm successful."

When Jeremy spoke, he looked a little excited.


At this time, no one knew how excited he was.

"It doesn't matter whether we eat or not in the future, but I still hope that you can really help our Mommy to shoulder a lot of things. She has been too tired for so many years."

Hearing what the two children said, Jeremy suddenly didn't know how he felt at this moment.


Jeremy knew the two children just hoped that he could be a little good to Sherry, but at this time, when he was facing the two children, listening to such words, he felt very guilty.

If he'd been nice enough to Sherry then, he wouldn't have to face this now. All the problems were from himself.

It was all his fault.


If what he had done was good enough, then it wouldn't be like this.

The smile at the corners of Jeremy's mouth looked somewhat reluctant. "Trust me. That was before. If the person who made mistakes knew that he had done something wrong and was willing to face it, then it would be a good result, wouldn't it?"

When Jeremy spoke, he looked very cautious.

Sherry just smiled and said nothing at this time.

It was not that she didn't want to say anything, but she didn't know what else she could say and do.


She looked very awkward.

At last, seeing the embarrassment on Jeremy's face, Sherry still couldn't help but help him out, "Kami, Lucas, can you stop talking so much nonsense during dinner? Just eat!"

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