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   Chapter 757 A Surprise Morning

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At this time, Sherry didn't think such a thing should be worthy of praise, but when she really saw Jeremy who was looking at her, her mood had changed a little.

She felt...

Her previous attitude towards Jeremy was completely unfair to him. Now this man was different from before. At this time, since this man had already changed for her, what else could be terrible?

Wasn't it?

"But to be honest, I can't promise anything else, but I can promise you that I can buy you as much as you want to eat."

Jeremy looked very serious when saying these words.


When Sherry looked at Jeremy, she was not as calm as she looked before. On the contrary, she looked a little excited and didn't know how to face this man.

She wondered if Jeremy looked too exaggerated.

"Okay, I see..."

Finally, looking at the

entally prepared. You know, for so many years, there is no one around me while sleeping."


In the past few years, although Sherry hadn't been with Jeremy, there was also no other men around her. It was precisely because of this that she had such a big reaction now.

Hearing Sherry's words, the smile on Jeremy's face looked happier. "I know you still have me in your heart. I love you the most. I really love you so much."

Looking at Jeremy, Sherry suddenly became silent.

It was not that she didn't want to say anything at this time, but that she didn't know what else she could say. Anyway, this feeling was really terrible for her.

She sighed and said helplessly, "I think it's necessary for me to make breakfast. The children have to go to school today."

Sherry really didn't want to face this man at all.

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