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   Chapter 726 I Don't Need To Comfort You

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Obviously, at this time, Steve didn't know all about Jeremy.

Steve could tell that the reason why Jeremy said these words to him was not that he didn't want to help him, but that he was telling him the truth.

It was also because of this that Steve became more confused.

What was Jeremy going to do?

Hearing what Jeremy said, Steve felt a little uncomfortable.

The two of them were best friends. If Jeremy had made a decision before, he must have known it. But now, he didn't know anything.

Linda was about to say something, but at this time, she suddenly thought of something when she looked at the way Steve looked at Jeremy.

In the past, Linda had thought that keeping away from Jeremy and Sherry could make the relationship between her and Steve more stable.


Now it seemed that she was really wrong.

She thought that she had suffered something unfair, so she just let herself face Sherry with such an attitude. However, Steve was not her after all, and Jeremy had never done anything to betray Steve.

It seemed that it was she who had been making a fuss.

Steve and Jeremy were originally good friends, but now their relationship were screwed up by her. It was really a bad thing, and she was unwilling to face it.

In fact.

In the past, she didn't know how she felt and how she should face something. But when she really faced it, she calmed down.

This feeling was really a little strange for a person.

She sighed and said helplessly, "I know what I should do. But now that you have such an idea, I think I have to make it clear."

She looked at the expression on his face.

Things that she didn't know how to face before seemed to become much easier at this time.

Looking at the man, she couldn't help laughing. Then she said, "I really feel that there is something wrong with myself these days. In fact, you two should be the best friends."

Linda's sudden words made them at a loss.

Even Steve looked at Linda strangely at this time.

Steve really couldn't understand what this woman was thinking at this time.


He had thought that it was difficult to face, but it was not the case now.

Steve was not used to the sudden thoughtfulness of Linda.

As for Steve's mood, it was not something that Linda needed to think about.

Under the astonished eyes of the two men, Linda just took a step forward, stood in front of the two men and seriously bowed to the two men.

"I'm sorry. I've always been stubborn to believe whatever I believe and do what I t

that Linda was really willing to continue to get along with Sherry. These were two completely different things. They couldn't be mixed up, right?

Looking at Linda like this, Steve even didn't know what he was feeling.

"Yes, you two will meet each other more often in the future. But, do you think that you and Sherry are in the worst mood?"

Steve was speechless when he saw the expression on Linda's face.

At this time, when Linda looked at the expression on Steve's face, she didn't find anything wrong.

"Isn't it?"

When Steve looked at Linda, he really had an indescribable helpless mood. This feeling was really bad for him.

"Think about it carefully. It's a very uncertain thing how you think about something, isn't it?

Everyone is different when dealing with a matter. You think you do nothing wrong, but others won't think so. The conflict between you and Sherry should not exist."

Steve had wanted to make it clear to Linda a long time ago, but he hadn't find a right time all the time. Now, it was a chance for Steve.

For Steve, he always felt somewhat uncomfortable when he kept those words to himself.

However, at this time, when he saw the way Linda looked at him, Steve suddenly didn't know how to say these.

After looking at Steve for a long time, Linda said, "You're right. Although I lost my child, it has nothing to do with Sherry. But Steve, don't you know to comfort me?"

Steve held Linda in his arms helplessly and said, "How can I not know what kind of thing you are sad for, but it's unnecessary for you to think so at this time.

I know you are sad, but I think I don't have to comfort you, because both of us don't have to do like this."

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