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   Chapter 725 I Can't Help You All My Life

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At this time, when Jeremy looked at Sherry, he looked a little stunned. He had thought that he only needed to give her money, but he didn't expect that even Sherry didn't know what she wanted to watch.


How should he choose?

Looking at Jeremy, Sherry sighed and said helplessly, "I should make it clear to you. If you choose one, we two can watch together, but if you can't, I'll go home now."

In fact.

Sherry didn't really want to watch these movies. If there was really something that Sherry wanted to watch at this time, then it should be what this man liked.

Jeremy didn't expect that Sherry would say such words to him, so at this time, he looked somewhat helpless.


Now it was different from before. Jeremy had taken Sherry seriously.


When choosing, Jeremy looked very serious.

Watching Jeremy pick movies with the same look he used to read files, Sherry felt a little funny.


Sherry didn't know why, at this time, looking at Jeremy like this, there was an unspeakable sense of satisfaction in her heart.

Even a man like Jeremy would have this look on his face because of her.

It was supposed to be something worth celebrating.

At least, it should be like this at this time.

"Hey, are you sure you don't want to help me choose?"


When Jeremy looked back at Sherry, he thought that this woman should give him some advice.


When Jeremy saw Sherry's current state, he knew how disappointed he was.

Sherry, who stood beside him, somehow found a place to sit down.

With the popcorn bucket in her hand, she ate leisurely.

It was like Jeremy didn't exist.

"What's wrong?"

Sherry really couldn't understand Jeremy's emotion. When she saw the aggrieved expression on Jeremy's face when he looked at her, she was a little confused. Did she bully this man?


If that was the case, why didn't she feel anything?

"Nothing. I'll be quick..."

Jeremy really didn't know how to face Sherry like this. He really didn't know how to choose, so he had no choice but to randomly choose one and then went back.


Sometimes, even if a person wanted to be quiet, the God would not agree.

Jeremy only had one day to accompany Sherry, but he met a third wheel.

And it was a high wattage third wheel.

"Why are you here?"

Holding Linda's hand, Steve looked at Jeremy and Sherry with undisguised shock in his eyes.

Suddenly, Steve seemed to think of something. He looked at Jeremy and said helplessly, "So, you come here to watc

ve didn't know what to say when he looked at Jeremy.

Steve was absolutely unwilling to face this topic, but he had to face it at this time. Even if it was a very strange topic, he had to face it.

"Yes, you can't help me for a lifetime, but at least you still can help you now. I know, but I haven't managed the company seriously for so many years, and I don't know what to do."

There had never been such a topic between the two people.

At this time, even if the person he was facing was Jeremy, Steve still didn't know how to face it. This confused feeling was really not good for this man.

"Look, it's such a simple thing. Even you don't know how to face it yourself, so have you really thought about my feelings when facing these things?"


He knew that.

Perhaps at this time, he shouldn't say such words, but he still could not control his mood. In the face of Steve, he could not help but ask himself to say such words to him.

After looking at Steve for a while, Jeremy said, "I'm thinking that maybe I'll find a senior manager for the company in a few years. At that time, I can leave the company's affairs to him. Do you still expect me to help you at that time?"

Hearing what Jeremy said, Steve looked at him in disbelief, feeling that he couldn't keep up with his thoughts.

"What do you want to do if you don't manage your own company?"

Perhaps Steve wouldn't be surprised to hear such words from anyone else.


The man in front of him was not someone else, but Jeremy.

In Steve's eyes, Jeremy had always been the man who looked a little cold, but in fact, he was completely obsessed with work.

It was impossible for such a man not to manage his own company.

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