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   Chapter 632 Confusion

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Because of Jeremy's attitude towards her, Sherry was really angry, but when she looked at this man, she actually became a little calm.


Although some things seemed to be ridiculous, in fact, it was not really unacceptable.

"I know. I may not be able to help you with some things between you, but if you really need me, remember to tell me. That guy has also helped me."

When Sherry said this, she looked very serious.

For Sherry, whether the two men, Jeremy and Kelly, would really accept her help at this time was the matter of these two men, but at this time, it was her own business to show her attitude here.


At this time, she was not very clear about the feelings of these two fellows at this time, but at least, at this time, Sherry thought so.

Jeremy looked hesitant.


Looking at the way the woman looked at him, he felt a little embarrassed, but finally he nodded honestly.

"But the most important thing between us now should be another thing. I want to know who you really like, not Jeffery, right?"

Sherry didn't know.

Jeremy didn't discuss this topic with her before, but why did this topic come to this again at this time? It was incredible.


It was inconceivable, but she had to face what she really needed to face.

"It's not Jeffery, and there's no one else. I just think that I can live a good life with my child now, and I don't need any so-called love. Are you satisfied with this answer?"


Sherry could still ask herself not to face this question as before, but when she looked at Jeremy, she didn't know what happened to her, so she gave such an answer naturally.


For now, she still felt that she could face this answer.

That should be it.

"I'm satisfied. If you have time, I can show you something. That's the brand plan I wrote for you, but I have been negotiating with Chester unilaterally before. "

"At that time, I was very concerned about the brand, but I didn't know how to face you. Since our relationship has eased, can you take a serious look at it?"

It was not until he calmed down that Jeremy realized that he might not have to talk about love in front of Sherry.


It was not impossible for two people to talk about some feelings.

At least.

At this moment, he thought he could do it.

As for others, it was unknown.

"Okay, let me have a look."

Sherry knew that although there was still some strange atmosphere between the two people, now that Jeremy said something like that, was it also giving herself a step down?

"Let's eat first."

Seeing that Sherry took her phone and wanted to see something.

He sighed and pressed Sherry.


estions that belonged to her.

"You are not alone in your design now. Sherry, if you are alone now, I think, at this time, I won't say anything about you."

"But you should be very clear about your current situation. What you are responsible for now is a brand, a big brand."

"It's just a brand now, and then a big company. Maybe, at this time, you still can't understand what I mean, but I can make it clear to you."

"You are now the person in charge of a brand, and you are responsible for a large brand. Therefore, many people's attention should be on you now. However, these are not our focus so far."

"Few people can never do anything wrong for the rest of their lives. However, if there is a problem, at least you should learn to trust the people around you."

"Just like this time, you feel that you may not be able to give out the design drawings in time. However, does anyone else know about this matter except yourself? If no one knows about it, then all the people will be left alone. What will you do?"

"Perhaps you designed it by yourself before, so you never thought about such a problem."

"However, if it is just that you have not thought about this problem before, I can tell you rationally now that you can seriously think about this problem now, because at this time, this is what you need to face."

"People will be surprised, not that I am cursing you. Look at your current situation. This time someone is against you, won't it be the next time? But, Chester and others still need to be prepared."

When Jeremy looked at Sherry, he looked very serious.

At this time, Sherry's eyes had been fixed on Jeremy. At this time, when Sherry looked at this man, she seemed to want to say something, but as soon as she opened her mouth, she didn't know what else she could say next.

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