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   Chapter 631 Explanation

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At this time, although Sherry had such a feeling, it was just a feeling. It was impossible for her to really change something. It would not really change the current situation between the two people.

"To be honest, I really can't understand now. Why can you be so cruel to me every time you face me? But you have always been so sympathetic to Jeffery."

Jeremy was very serious when he asked this question.


These were all the doubts in this man's heart. At this time, Jeremy really hoped that he could get an answer to his question.

Even if...

This question might not be the answer he wanted to know the most, and at this time, it was the same.

"Well, I can stop talking about this topic with you now, but when we talk about other topics, I hope you can still give me enough face, okay?"

Someone said seriously, looking at the guy in front of him.

Jeremy thought that Sherry didn't save him face every time.


He really cared about this woman, but most of the time, he was still a man, a man with dignity. Didn't she care about it?

"Maybe, I can give you enough face, but at this time, I hope you still have to return to the question we asked at the beginning. What's wrong with Jeffery?"

Sherry knew it.

She couldn't get any real answer from Jeffery, so she had to keep pestering Jeremy at this time. Even at this time, this man seemed to be in a bad mood.

"Sherry, if I were you, I wouldn't have let myself do such a stupid thing at this time. I knew what I had done would not be liked. Do you think it's meaningful to do so?"

"But if you know it's not interesting to do so, do you want to tell me why you do it at this time?"

Jeremy's face darkened at this moment.


Facing the woman beside him, Jeremy didn't really restrain his feelings at the moment.

After all.

At this time, he was in a bad mood, so he didn't need to disguise. At this time, it was enough to only care about himself.

At least.

In the eyes of some people, this should be the case in front of them, without any mistake.

"Forget it. Let's go to have dinner."

At the beginning, Sherry really wanted her to ask the truth, but when she looked at the way Jeremy looked at her, she found that she could not say a word.

At this time, she just simply hated to see this guy looking at herself, that kind of look with some disappointment, just one look had let her can't stand it.


At this time, only one person, Jeremy, could really do all this in front of her. Without this guy, no second person could do it.

It seemed that she didn't care about the past, but at this time

rrassing thing for him. That was what Jeremy was thinking.


Now Sherry was not afraid of this man at all. When she looked at Jeremy, her eyes were full of unconcealed curiosity. Only at this time did this woman have such a feeling.


She had never really known this man before.


She didn't know how long this feeling would last.

"It seems that something happened to Kelly and he left. So if you come back later, I will send you to the airport. But I may stay here for a while later."

Jeremy glanced at Sherry and said.

Although many people targeted Kelly.


At this time, Jeremy was very clear that if it weren't for his arrival, those people might not have been in such a hurry. He was responsible for all these things.


If he really had to face it, Jeremy would never leave Kelly alone.

"Do you need me?"


At this time, there were still a lot of things that Jeremy didn't say directly, but at this time, Sherry knew, what on earth Jeremy was worried about now.


Even when she was talking to him, she looked very cautious.

"What do I need you to do? Drag me down?"

Jeremy rolled his eyes.

Sherry was speechless.

Seeing this guy's attitude, Sherry simply drank water in silence, but she did not have the mood to continue to talk with him. This feeling was really terrible for her.

At first, she really cared about this guy, but her passion was like this. Being recognized by this man ruthlessly poured cold water on him. At this time, Sherry could not tell how she felt at the moment.

"Maybe... I didn't mean that. "

When she saw that guy, she looked a little timid.

However, Jeremy didn't know how to explain it to Sherry at this time.

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