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   Chapter 623 The Depression Of Jeremy

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In fact.

Sometimes, Steve was narcissistic.


Steve always knew what kind of time he should go to do. If Linda misunderstood that he was the only one, then it didn't matter at all. But he couldn't get Jeremy involved because of him.

"I really should have a good chat with you when I have time. This time the man is Jeremy. Next time I really don't know who my gossip object is. I'm really speechless with you now."

When Steve said these words, he looked particularly helpless.

Even this man had never experienced such a scene.

At this time, Steve sighed and said helplessly, "In the future, I really should pay attention to it and don't let you surf on the internet. I really can't do anything to you."

On the second day.


Kelly had always known that the relationship between the two people might not be as harmonious as he had seen, but his guess was a guess. When he really saw that scene, he could not help but feel a little uncomfortable.

"Did you stay in the car all night yesterday?"

When Kelly looked at Jeremy, he didn't know how to describe his complicated feelings at this time. It looked like a joke, but such a thing happened to Jeremy.

How could it be possible?

"Yes, I haven't slept all night here. Do you think it's incredible? But this is the fact in front of us. I haven't slept all night and I have been here all the time. "

Looking at the guy's words, Jeremy looked very helpless.

"To be honest, I don't want to stay with the woman inside at all, but I can't leave her alone at this time. So, when there is no one else, I'd better stay away from her."

When Jeremy spoke, he looked weak.


This man seemed to be very powerful all the time, but at this time, in fact, Jeremy had become a little weak.

All the time.

Jeremy knew what he had to face.

And what would happen to him when he faced something.

Sometimes, something happened.

Because he knew, so he understood.

In fact, it might be the same this time.

"If you have time, I'll take you to see the traces of the two of us getting along before. In fact, if you really see something, I guess you won't be the same as now."

"Although it doesn't seem to be a big deal on the surface, in fact, Sherry and I, maybe we two are really not suitable for each other, so I don't think there is anything between us. You don't need to be with me."

Kelly didn't know what he should say.

At last, the man looked at Jeremy and said seriously, "So, if you really think that you two are not suitable for each other, maybe you can consider letting me be with Sherry."

While saying these words, Kelly could still maintain a faint smile on his lips.

In fact.

At this time, Kelly rea

ck again.


Although he came back at this time, something seemed to have changed little by little. It didn't seem to be a real good thing. It was entangled and made people feel speechless.

"Yes, that woman is really important. If you have time, I think you'd better get me something to eat."

Jeremy looked at Kelly pitifully.

At this time, Jeremy didn't care what this man would think of him anymore. What he cared about was his aggrieved stomach.

Kelly was a little stunned.

"Forget it. I really owe you in my previous life. If you have time, you'd better make it up to me. For example, you have a good project recently. Maybe you can cooperate with me?"

These two men were both profiteers.

Even at this time, Kelly didn't forget to fight for the best interests of himself.

At first, he thought that he had basically agreed to what he said at this time.


Kelly didn't expect that Jeremy would shake his head at this time.

Jeremy shook his head and said, "It's not as simple as you think. It's not that we can't cooperate, but not now. Don't forget how many people are keeping an eye on you now."

Jeremy's power was eye-catching enough at this time.

"Yes, I am really..."

Speaking of this, Kelly didn't know how he felt at this time.

If possible, then he really hoped that he hadn't really known this guy from the very beginning.

After all.

"After this matter is over, let's continue to talk about the cooperation. But, have you really made up your mind about Sherry? Even if you haven't been with her all the time, there won't be any problems."

In fact.

At this time, Kelly was very clear that even if Sherry really had some ability, a designer could not be compared with them. He believed that for those people, she was not an eye-catching existence.

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