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   Chapter 620 Sherry's Stubbornness

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In fact.

If what was going on between the two people was just a seemingly unimportant thing at this time, then there should be a lot of girls who were not satisfied with it at this time.

"If you have time, I hope I can take you out for a while. I want to see some results I want to see, but what do you think is the result I want to see?"

Said Jeremy when he looked at Sherry.

"Now you want me to stay away from you, but you still think your child needs a whole family, so you'll talk about that when you face me."

"Sherry, no matter what, you still underestimate your own son. Even if you really get back together with me in the end, in the eyes of your dear sons, the most important person must be you."

When Jeremy said these words, Sherry didn't know what else to say.

In the end, she said.

"I don't know what you are thinking now, but what you are saying is normal for me."

"We have been living together for so many years abroad, so at this time, I don't think my children have done something wrong. No matter who else, the closest person should be us."

Sherry said confidently.

Over the years, Sherry had suffered a lot outside.


She felt the same way at this time.

"Forget it. I find that you're good at talking with others. But you come to me not only for the children, but also for something else."

Jeremy said affirmatively.

Jeremy believed that the purpose of Sherry's visit should not be so simple.


When Sherry came, she did a lot of ideological work for herself.


When facing this man, those words that had already reached the tip of her tongue were the most difficult to say at this time. She didn't know how to say it.

"You want to tell me something about Jeffery, right?"


At this time, Sherry still didn't say something, but at this time, Jeremy still made it clear to her what he was thinking.


It should be something that she had to face up to now.

"Yes, how do you think I should face the matter of Jeffery?"

At the beginning, Sherry wanted to keep herself quiet.


Sherry had never thought that at this time, she just found Jeremy, and this man had already known her purpose.

Was this man really too smart? Or, at this time, her purpose seemed to be very obvious? Jeremy only saw her and knew what she was thinking?

"What happened to Jeffery has nothing to do with you. Now many things haven't come out, so it's not too late for you to be depressed when the result comes out."

At this time, when Jeremy said these words, he looked helpless.

He ha

bout is only yourself."

"Jeremy, I remember that when we were together, we were so far away from each other. Although I didn't know what Jeffery had done, the biggest possibility is that he just wanted to attract your attention."

"Maybe for yourself, you think you are always very close to us, but for us, the fact is not like this. You are always in an unreachable place for us."

"Although we have the chance to be close to you, we can only stand in one place and look at you from afar, because we have never been in the same world with you. We can't get close to you."

"Jeffery is just an adult. During this period of time, he has told me many times what his brother looks like. Every time, he is looking forward to being close to you, but in the end, he becomes afraid of you."

"I know what I'm saying now. Maybe you don't want to listen to me, but even if there is really something wrong, I hope you can see yourself. What's wrong with you?"

"The problems you have may be more serious than you think. But you don't know what happened before."


It was Jeremy's attitude that made Sherry's bad mood even worse.


Even if the person she was facing was Jeremy, at this time, Sherry could not control her emotions. Even when she spoke, her attitude was very bad.

Looking at Sherry like this, Jeremy really didn't know what was going on.


He had thought that the two of them could have a good conversation, but now, the two of them hadn't spoken much. Why did their relationship suddenly become worse?

At this time, he was really unwilling to accept it.


He had to face it at this moment.

Sherry stubbornly believed that the one who was wrong was Jeremy.

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