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   Chapter 618 The Action Of Jeremy

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"I don't know..."

At this time, hearing what Steve said on the phone, Jeremy just shook his head.

"But I can be sure that the risk this time is not as big as we think."

What Jeremy wanted to say was that if when he tried his best to irritate Jeffery at this time, he might get a different result.


When Jeffery was really anxious about him, he would use some special methods. At that time, Jeremy would know how to face the young man next.


At this time, he didn't know what others would do, but at least Steve didn't think there was anything wrong with what he had done.

"Indeed, the risk this time is not as big as we think, because Sherry is a little vigilant about Jeffery. After this time, she should often go to see Jeffery, so that guy will have less free time."

"But, what I'm worried about is that that guy won't really do something bad to Sherry. You should know that Jeffery is different from you. If you care about Sherry, you won't hurt her."

"But you'd better not forget the report I gave you before. If Jeffery doesn't do the rehabilitation all the time, he may be disabled all his life."

"Therefore, when a person is facing himself, he can do such a cruel thing. Even if Jeffery really likes Sherry, is Sherry really an exception in Jeffery's world?"


At the beginning, Steve thought that he shouldn't have said something, but at this time, he really couldn't control his emotions.

After all.

Sometimes things seemed to be very simple, but sometimes, the simplest thing might be the thing a person didn't know how to face.

"I don't know..."

When he looked at this guy, he always felt that he had a lot to say, but when he really want to blur it out, there was still an unspeakable helplessness.

It seemed that.

This feeling belonged to him, but he didn't know how to face it before.


At this time, he really faced such a feeling, and it could be regarded as an indirect finding himself. Perhaps, this was a good result. It should be like this, and there was nothing wrong.

"Yes, look, you can't even convince yourself now. You don't know yourself. If Sherry stands on the side of Jeffery like this, is it really safe?"

"So, how can you do this at this time? Jeremy, this is not what you will do. Calm down and think it over. "

Steve felt helpless when he said these words.


There were still something that he didn't want to face it, but at this time, Steve knew that Jeremy must have been in a panic.

Otherwise, at least he wouldn't have such a reaction at this time.

"I don't know, but it's not wh

uld accept it.

"That's true. I'll wait for you to give me the present."

After hanging up the phone, Steve raised his head and shouted, "Honey, we have a new house!"

Linda walked over in a daze. When she saw Steve talking on the phone, she didn't let herself listen. Therefore, when she heard what Steve said, she was also confused.

"We haven't chosen the bridal chamber yet. Why did you book it alone?"

When Linda said this, she was somewhat dissatisfied.

After all.

Marriage was a matter of two people. Although she really liked this man, it seemed that there was no need for this man to be so arbitrary about the marriage of two people.

"Yes, I didn't choose it at the beginning, but it took some time for everything to turn into a result, right? Now I give myself some time."

"Just now, Jeremy said that the wedding gift he prepared for us is a villa. What do you think?"

Steve was a little excited when he said these words.

After all.

At that time, when that guy got married, how bad his mood was.

Especially when he knew that Sherry and Jeremy were together.

After all.

When he told Jeremy that he liked Sherry, he didn't show difference on the surface. But in the end, these two people had already been married.

At that time, perhaps only Steve knew how upset he was.


All these had nothing to do with the current situation.

No matter what the reason was, Jeremy did something good this time. Even he thought he was very powerful.

"But will you really give me such a valuable thing?"


Linda had already known that there was a big difference between Steve and Jeremy. However, what she didn't expect was that Jeremy would send them a villa as a gift.

Was he crazy?

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