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   Chapter 617 Worry

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"So now I really want to know what kind of misunderstanding there is between us."

At this time, Jeremy really didn't know how to face this woman was the reaction he should have at this time.

Sherry was always like this. Every time when Jeremy felt that he could really get along well with this woman, this woman would definitely let him see clearly what was real at the first time.

That's what it used to be like between two people.

But now, there was still no change.

On the surface, such a thing might not be a big deal, but if he really faced it seriously, it should be a very ridiculous thing.

"I also want to know what kind of misunderstanding there is between us that can make you become what you are now. I always think that our relationship should be very good, but it doesn't seem to be like this."

Sherry was talking about the relationship between Jeremy and Jeffery.

However, Jeremy was talking about himself and this woman.


There seemed to be a big difference on the surface, but now it looked like this. There were some words that could not be explained clearly even if the two people were face to face.

This feeling seemed to be good on the surface, but in fact, it should be the biggest burden for each other.

"So, what I want to know most now is what you want to express."


Jeremy had thought that this woman was so aggressive that she must have so many thing to say when facing him. However, Jeremy had never thought that this woman would be so stupid when facing him.

Seeing this, Jeremy was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh.

He didn't know what else he could say at this time.

"Yes, maybe I can't express anything in front of you now, but what I want to tell you now is that I really care about Jeffery. So, what happened to Jeffery?"

When Jeremy looked at Sherry, the last bit of tenderness in his eyes was gone.

He asked disappointedly.

"So, for you now, even if I am in front of you, the first person you care about is Jeffery, right?"

Jeremy had never thought that he would get such a result.


Steve always knew that Jeremy was wronged in front of Sherry, but now when he really heard how they talked, he knew what kind of concession this man had made during this period of time.

"I didn't mean that..."

Even at the beginning, Sherry still didn't react to something, but at this time, when she looked at this guy, this woman still sensed that she had done something wrong.

In fact.

A lot of things had not started yet.

Even so, she had completely offended him.

Thinking about this kind of thing made her feel very uncomfortable.

What's more, she had to face it a

n, I won't ask anything that is not what I should ask."

Sherry was a smart woman.

At this time, Sherry knew that even if she continued to ask, she would not get any result at this time. In that case, why should she bother?


What Jeremy said at the beginning was just a joke.

At this time, Sherry had already taken the initiative to compromise. Of course, Jeremy wouldn't say anything more.

After all.

Even if the two people had such a relationship, in fact, it was not an easy thing.


At this time, Jeremy would not let the relationship between him and Sherry be too terrible. This woman gave him a step, and Jeremy would let him go on gracefully.

It was not until Sherry left that Jeremy picked up the phone in his hand again.

"I think you must have heard enough this time."

It was not until Jeremy confirmed that Sherry had gone far that he said that.

If Sherry knew that Steve had been listening to the conversation between the two of them, God knew how ridiculous that woman would think according to her personality.

"Yes, I just never thought that you would say anything better than me. But when I really need you to say sweet words, you seem to say much better than me."

Steve was really surprised at this point.

Jeremy said helplessly.

"We'd better not continue this topic now. After all, it is of no value to us. What I want to know now is whether there is any way to force them to make a move."

When Jeremy said these words, he was a little nervous.

Steve couldn't help but frown when he heard what Jeremy said.

"I think I might be able to know what you want to do now, but you should know, if you do, then what a big risk you are taking, can you really do it?"

At this time, Steve was really worried about him.

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