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   Chapter 613 How To Face It

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Sherry, who used to have a smile on her face, now her face darkened again just because of a simple sentence from Jeremy.

On the other side.

Although Kelly was also joking at the beginning, at this time, after seeing the appearance of Sherry, he knew that he was not suitable to stay here now.

After greeting Jeremy, he left.


At this time, Jeremy looked at Kelly with a very complicated expression.


He knew that Kelly did this for his own good, but now, Jeremy still had some complaints about Kelly.

At least.

This was how Jeremy felt in his heart at this time.

If this fellow didn't meddle in other people's business this time, could the two of them still be as calm as before when he faced Sherry?


In most people's eyes, he might look like a deserter, but as far as Jeremy knew, he was just like this. He didn't dare to say anything when facing the woman he liked.

It seemed ridiculous.

"Jeremy, we'd better keep a distance from each other in the future."

At this time, when Sherry looked at Jeremy, her eyes were somewhat complicated, but when she spoke, she actually said such an absolute sentence.


Frowning, Jeremy asked.

Of course.

For Jeremy, he would never think there was anything wrong with himself. At least, at this time, he felt that he had done a good job recently.


It was because of such an idea that Jeremy couldn't understand what Sherry had said at this time.

In other people's eyes, he was already very good, but at this time, in her eyes, he was nothing. This kind of thing seemed to be very ridiculous.


At the beginning, Sherry thought she could face Jeremy, but it was really at this time that Sherry realized how weak she was at this time.

She knew that she should feel sorry for this man at this time.


At this time, Sherry also sincerely believed that the contact between the two people should be said to be a mistake from the beginning.


Everything between them should have been a mistake from the beginning. At this time, why should they let each other be together? When they saw each other, they would not feel very friendly.

On the contrary, they would only feel more upset.

Sherry was really unwilling to endure such a day.

"If you really don't want to see me, I will leave here after the things here are over. But I have to stay here these days. I hope you can calm down."

In fact.

At this time, it was still a little strange for Jeremy.

For Jeremy, at the beginning, the atmosphere between the two people seemed to be very good, but h

The gap between them had already appeared. Perhaps, now he really shouldn't let him thoughts continue between the two people.

For the best state between the two of them, they should not be in touch.

No one needed to take the initiative to contact each other, no one needed to have any communication with each other. This should be the best result between them so far. They didn't know what other people thought at this time.


At this time, Sherry always felt that she seemed to have known her own thoughts now.


At this time, there were still some things that do not seem to be the simplest, but at this time, if she really faced it, it should be the most important problem she should solve at this time.

"I have always had such a feeling before. If one day you really fall in love with someone, I won't bless you two, Sherry. And, at that time, I will be the biggest disaster between you."

Looking at Sherry, Jeremy said in a particularly affirmative tone.

At this time, Sherry just looked at this man quietly, unable to say a word.

After a while.

Sherry shook her head and said, "So, why do you have to do this?"

For Sherry, since the relationship between the two had been over for a long time, then at this time, it should be easier for both of them. Shouldn't it be the best result between the two at this time?

At this moment, she really felt that she still didn't know Jeremy well.


'If she really knew what he said. At least, she won't say it again at this time, ' she thought.

"Yes, I also want to know why it's so hard, but there is something that you have to get an answer since you have gone to face it. I hope that during this period of time, I can really get the answer I want."

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