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   Chapter 611 Have You Had dinner

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"Stop it."

Sherry thought carefully about what she had just done and didn't think there was anything that attracted that man. Therefore, at this time, Sherry didn't trust what Jeremy had said to her.

When Jeremy heard the woman's words, his attitude was naturally very helpless.

She touched her nose and asked, "do you really think that I'm still joking with you now? No matter what I want to say to you, I won't joke with you on such a matter."

"It seems that you haven't realized the seriousness of the matter yet."

Jeremy didn't even know how he felt.

After such a long time, he had thought that Sherry had really grown up a little, but now he realized how naive this woman was before, and how naive she was now.

Sherry's innocence had never really changed.

"Kelly loves challenging things and he never tells lies. So he is telling the truth when he is with you."

"Yes, he may not know what love is, but for Kelly now, as long as you two are together, you will let him know."

When Jeremy said these words, he didn't even know what his mood was at this time.

Before that.

He had thought that he could finally calm down for a period of time, but who knew that Sherry had always looked very calm before, and had never made anything out.


At this time, as long as Sherry really did something, he came out with such a big move. It looked like a very incredible thing.

"What about me?"

If at the beginning, [绒晓] really didn't take these things seriously, but now that [梓谦] had said so, if [绒晓] could still do nothing, then it would be a real miracle.


It was almost impossible for such a thing to happen.

"Since you are going to announce our relationship at that time, it seems that I should let go of my work. You wait for me for a day and I will come to you. I can't guarantee that guy."

After hanging up the phone, Jeremy really went to the airport.

At this time, the man didn't even go to pack his luggage.


For Jeremy, all he needed to do was to bring his wallet and identification. The rest was really something important to this man. How could it be possible!

"So, that's why you left so easily?"

At the beginning, when Steve knew that Jeremy was going abroad, he couldn't understand what made Jeremy not even have time to pack his luggage.


At this time, after hearing the reason given by Jeremy, Steve felt that he not only didn't have any understanding of this man, but also was more confused at this time.


Although this matter seemed to be very serious, it was all the cons

or her to have a good rest.

Why didn't she go to sleep?


Sometimes, it was not that easy to take things for granted.

It seemed that at this time, although Sherry wanted to sleep, it was just because she wanted to sleep at this time that this woman was destined not to be able to really sleep.


That was the truth at this moment.

"Why are you here?"

When Sherry went to open the door, her face didn't look good, but when she really saw the man standing at her door, she was more shocked than she could say.

Taking a look at Sherry, Jeremy said, "Don't worry. Although I will live here these days, I won't affect your real life. You can do whatever you want."

"But if that guy really shows up again, I think I still have the right to be with you. After all, you can't deal with this kind of thing alone, understand?"

Perhaps it was because he had flown all the way here, at this time, Jeremy's face still looked a little pale.

At the beginning, Sherry actually wanted him to leave.


After that, she didn't feel the same as before.

At this time, even if she didn't leave, maybe there was nothing wrong.

"Have you had dinner?"


There were still some people who were not willing to face this man, but now, when they really saw a big man like Jeremy, who was pitifully standing there, Sherry could not really be indifferent.


At this time, Jeremy only heard what Sherry said. He knew that Sherry was likely to cook for him next. At this time, even if he had eaten, he had to say that he hadn't eaten.

What's more, because Jeremy was in a hurry, he even didn't eat the food provided by the plane. At this time, he really felt a little hungry.

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