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   Chapter 605 Conditions

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"Look carefully. How many people are around you now?"


It was not him who was with Sherry now. But at this time, Jeremy unexpectedly found that he was the one who was more nervous than the person involved. It seemed a little ridiculous.

"A dozen."

At this time, Sherry also made herself relax a lot.

Perhaps it was because of Jeremy on the phone that her mood began to ease little by little. At this time, Jeremy could really influence Sherry's mood.

"Really? Now you yawn, turn around, draw all the curtains and turn off the lights. "

Although Jeremy looked calm on the surface, only Chester, who was beside Jeremy, could see how nervous he was at this moment.

"Jeremy, I'm starting to doubt whether you are a businessman or a director."


Sherry thought it must be a difficult thing for her, but she did it easily under the guidance of Jeremy.

At this time, when Sherry faced Jeremy, she always felt that the man on the phone was not the man she hated, but a very ordinary friend.


At this time, even when Sherry was talking to Jeremy, her tone sounded much relaxed.

Jeremy sighed, and then said helplessly, "Why can't I hear that what you are saying to me now is a compliment? Why do I always feel that you are calling me hypocritical?"

This guy.

Even though the two had been separated for such a long time, the current Sherry was no different from the previous one.

The reason was simple.

Sherry didn't know how to praise a person seriously.

In the past, Sherry was like this, and now, she was still like this. There was no big difference between her and the previous Sherry.


When Sherry looked at Jeremy, the smile on her face looked a little fake, but Jeremy didn't make him pay all his attention to this woman.

"If you have time, you'd better pay more attention to the people outside. Think about what's wrong with you. Even if those people are not sure about you now, someone has begun to suspect you."

When Jeremy spoke, his mood was naturally some bad at this time.

After all.

Even Jeremy didn't expect that Sherry would encounter such a difficult thing just for a meeting. What's his purpose?


At this time, many things would make people feel particularly confused just by looking at them.


Perhaps it was out of instinct, at this time, Sherry always felt that many things were not as simple as she looked, but at this time, there were more things that she could not explain clearly.

Even for more things, Sherry still coul

he other side of the phone.

"If you don't have anything to do with me, I can't explain to them. So when I faced them, I told them that you are my wife, not an outsider."

Jeremy said in a firm tone.

At this time, Sherry had no idea whether this fellow's words were intentional or not.


There was something that she wanted to figure out at this time, but she still didn't have the chance.

"Wife? Well, I promise you. "

At the beginning, Sherry also felt a little uncomfortable.


Soon, Sherry chose to keep quiet. After all, she didn't seem to be particularly at a disadvantage now. This man had already done so much for her. If it was just for the name of a wife, it didn't seem to be difficult.


When Sherry said these words, Jeremy had already been prepared, ready to be rejected by this woman.


At this time, Sherry's answer really gave him a big surprise.


He didn't know what these guys were thinking about in the future. Perhaps, if they really had a longer time in the future, they would really find a suitable answer. However, this was not the case now.

"But I can only do this for this time. No matter what you have done for me next time, I hope it won't happen a second time. I hope you can understand me."

However, at this time, Jeremy's happy mood did not last long.

At this time, Sherry's seemingly unintentional words still brought a great stimulation to this man. Even at the beginning, he was a little excited, but at this time, he suddenly immersed himself in it.

No one knew how he felt at this time.


Sometimes, it might be the case between people, which was full of a lot of uncertainty.

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