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   Chapter 584 New Knowledge

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Steve's mood was almost the same as that of Jeremy. He was almost certain that what this guy said should be true, but when he spoke, his attitude seemed to be very cautious.

Steve knew that everything would be worse than he had expected.

So at this time, what he should do was to calm Jeremy down.

Although he could help, Jeremy had to face all these things by himself. The most important thing now was whether Jeremy could really calm down.

"Steve, we don't have much time left. If our guess is true, even if we choose to keep silent at this time, it's impossible for Jeffery not to do anything.

We have found someone to check the capital chain before, but there is no news at all. It means that Jeffery is not the young man we can deal with before.

It's very likely that we can't do it directly in business, so we have to find a breakthrough in another way."

Jeremy was the same as before. Even in such a difficult situation, this man could quickly calm himself down and find a suitable breakthrough in this matter.


Hearing what Jeremy said, Steve didn't know how he felt. He had thought that everything would be okay as long as he was with Jeremy.


Now it seemed that this was not the case at all. Things were more complicated than he had imagined.

However, Steve didn't want to think about how strong Jeffery was now. Even Jeremy had to hide his strength for the time being. That young man had grown a lot.

"You mean, Zoe?"

Steve didn't have any feelings for many things at the beginning.


After all, the two of them had been partners for so many years. As long as Steve saw the expression on Jeremy's face at the moment, he knew what he was thinking.

Steve sighed and said helplessly, "Yes, what happened to Zoe is really our biggest breakthrough so far, but we don't know what to do before.

But do you think even we are all getting nervous at this critical moment, is it possible for him not to made any preparation?"


Although Steve was on the side of Jeremy, he still didn't trust Jeremy at all. It was not because he didn't want himself to trust Jeremy at this time.

But even if he had tried his best to do so, he still couldn't do it. After all, if that was the case, he was not helping Jeremy.

Jeremy shook his head and said, "I know what you mean, but it's almost completely different from what you think. There are still a lot of things to come to me next.

ottom line, but he could clearly realize that Jeffery was totally different from him.

It seemed that Jeffery would stop at nothing to get Sherry.

Even Jeremy didn't know how to face everything. At this time, he was very nervous, but he couldn't let himself say anything.


There were so many people staring at him, waiting for him to give a suitable result. So at this time, he knew how to stabilize himself.

Steve shook his head and said, "You are right, but we really should start to think about it carefully. Jeremy, I will certainly help you with my best ability, but you'd better be mentally prepared for what will happen next.

I know how you feel now. You don't have to hide it from me. Even if I have chosen to be on your side now, you still have no confidence in the two of us.

Because the person you are facing now is Jeffery, who you feel strange and familiar. In my eyes, you are a man who should not panic about anything for anyone.

So, I hope your following performance won't let me down. I have almost finished what I can say to you now. Even if the result you will get next is not as good as I think, I won't blame you."

So when Steve said these words, he knew clearly what he was talking about.


Steve knew Jeremy better than anyone else. He hoped more than anyone that Jeremy could win the final victory. However, he also knew that he couldn't put too much pressure on him now.

In that case, it would definitely not be a good result for Jeremy.

"Instead of talking nonsense here, let's do something useful. I'll write you something and you can investigate in the direction I give you."

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