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   Chapter 583 Great Genes

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In fact.

Sherry really wanted to ask herself to stop this man, so that she could know what he had done, if there was anything she didn't know, and if she had really misunderstood this man.

But soon, Sherry denied her idea.

It was so ridiculous.

It was all Jeremy's fault. How could she misunderstand this man? Even if she really misunderstood him, so what? Jeremy deserved it!


Now she still had some feelings for Jeremy, so she felt that she might have misunderstood that man. But time will prove everything. Time will prove how unreliable Jeremy is.

"Jeremy, if I really misunderstand you, I will say sorry to you face to face. But this time, I care more about the safety of Jeffery. I'm sorry."

At the corner.

Someone had been watching everything quietly at the corner.

It was Chester. He felt that his mood was also very strange.

He felt everything was strange this time.


It should be Jeffery's scheme, but why did Jeremy look so calm this time? It shouldn't be his character at all. Or was he plotting something?

At this time.

Chester thought carefully what Jeremy was plotting, but he still couldn't figure out anything.


Chester also knew that even if he had seen something, he still had to pretend that nothing had happened.

"Jeffery or Jeremy? I have enough time to wait. I really want to know who will win in the end between you two brothers."

Chester had always been an onlooker in this matter.

Even now, there was still no difference.

The closer he got to know them, the more horrible he felt.

Whether it was Jeremy or Jeffery, they gave Chester the same unfathomable feeling. Every time he thought of meeting such two people, he didn't know how he felt.

In fact.

Chester thought highly of Jeremy.

After all, there was an old saying that the older, the wiser.

Although Jeffery had given people a strong feeling recently, Chester always felt that Jeremy hadn't really taken action yet. When Jeffery pushed Jeremy too hard, it was uncertain who would win.


Chester had been looking forward to that day, and he believed that it was not far from what he wanted to see now. Jeremy, who had been silent before, might begin to fight back this time.

"You mean it was Jeffery who attacked you on the capital chain? How could it be possible?"

Chester, who hadn't been involved in these things, might not understand. But at this time, Steve, who was beside Jeremy, could clearly feel the change in him.

However, when Steve heard what Jeremy said, he s

ast we grew up together. I know what kind of person you are."

But, isn't Jeffery too powerful? Even I'm not sure whether I can do it under you control, but he really did it. I'm just sighing at the genes of your family."

Steve could tell that Jeremy was really angry with him just now.

So at this time, he couldn't wait to explain. He looked very careful when he spoke, fearing that he might say something wrong and make this guy unhappy.

"I'm also curious. Do you think there is anyone else behind Jeffery?"

When Jeremy said these words, he was also in a bad mood.

Jeremy didn't expect his brother, whom he hadn't cared about too much before, suddenly became his obstacle.

It would be hard for another person to accept such a gap, not to mention the current Jeremy. At the moment, as long as the name of Jeffery was mentioned, Jeremy looked very bad.

"I don't know. Maybe."

When Steve said these words, he was not very sure. He had thought that Jeffery was the same as they knew, but now it seemed that it was not the case at all. At this time, for some unknown things, he naturally did not dare to say anything more.

"Maybe. But I'm not sure yet."

When Jeremy spoke, he looked a little nervous.

For all this, Jeremy was completely unsuspecting.

His brother whom he didn't care about at ordinary times suddenly became his biggest enemy in front of him. Even Jeremy didn't know how to accept such a change. Perhaps, life should be like this, as wonderful as drama.

No one knew what would happen the next second. Everything was so unpredictable. That was how it happened.

"Well, you'd better not think so now. Let's wait until the final investigation results come out."

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