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   Chapter 581 Respect

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Sherry had always been a very smart girl.

How could she not know at this time? It was her own design that made this guy embarrassed.

She smiled helplessly and said, "Well, things may not be as bad as you think. If you don't like it, I can change it. It was just my guess before. Now you can tell me your preferences."

While saying these words, Sherry also despised her own self-righteous.

She had thought that she knew Jeffery well enough.


When she made clothes for him, even she herself always felt that as long as she made it, this young man would definitely like it. But now, it seemed that everything was just her own.

At this moment.


Jeffery was also stunned when he looked at Sherry.

In fact.

When he said those words, Jeffery had already regretted. If so, he would not be that simple brother in front of Sherry in the future.


Soon, he realized that maybe he was still simple in the eyes of Sherry, but now he was an adult. As an adult, it was normal for him to have his own thoughts.

"What do you think? In fact, it was my fault before. I don't know what you like and I begin to make decisions by myself. But now I give you a chance. You still need to tell me what you like."

When she spoke, Sherry could always keep the smile on her face.

After all.

Even though Jeffery had said something against her, in her eyes, he was still just a young man who needed to be taken care of.


When Sherry was saying these words, Jeffery had been looking at her very seriously. During the process, he also wanted to know whether what she had said to him was true or not.

It turned out that what Sherry said now was sincere.

It was because Sherry really wanted to make his favorite clothes for him, so when facing him, she said these words to him.

"Here you are."

Jeffery found a picture on the Internet and handed it to Sherry.

Looking at the picture, Sherry looked at Jeffery in surprise and said, "I really don't expect you to like this style of clothes."

It was dark.

However, in Sherry's eyes, Jeffery had always been such an outgoing young man, so from the beginning, she had never connected such clothes with him.


It was Jeffery's own choice now, which meant that, even if Sherry was unwilling to accept it, she had to do it at this time.

After all.

This was a kind of respect for Jeffery.

When Sherry was looking at the picture, Jeffery was a

for his whole life. And it was also the last thing he wanted to face. Listening to his words, Sherry's face was a little stiff.

"I'm sorry."

Sherry had been thinking about her own business before, and she really didn't think about it. Therefore, at this time, the apology to him was naturally sincere.

"It's completely unnecessary for you to tell me this. So, if you have time, you'd better take me out for a walk. I can agree to your conditions, but if you have nothing else to do, take me out for a walk."

When Sherry looked at Jeffery, she disagreed.

"I know you do this for my own good. But Jeffery, you really don't have to do that. You don't have to destroy yourself because of my work. Don't you know how terrible the rumors on the Internet are?"

Sherry knew what Jeffery was facing now.


Even if Sherry really hoped that her works could be presented better, she still had some sympathy for Jeffery. She couldn't let this young man bear such a thing for her works.

"I know, but I want to do more for you. If you don't agree, I will take me as a particularly useless person in your eyes. So, are you willing to give me a chance?"

Jeffery looked at Sherry with hope, hoping that she could give himself enough space at this time, so that he could do a lot of things for her.


At the beginning, Sherry looked a little depressed, but when she really saw the way Jeffery looked at her, she knew that she couldn't do that at this time.

If she did, it only meant how cruel she was to Jeffery. At least, she should respect every decision he made.

Even if she knew the consequences, it was the same.

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