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   Chapter 580 Let's Get Married

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Sherry was still stubborn.

Even if there was really something related to her in all these, she would not care in the end. However, it was not until she really met the matter of Jeffery that she realized how terrified she was.

Even if she was not willing to face Jeremy now, she still had to find that man and make it clear to him. As for the matter between the two of them, even if that man really had any opinions, he should come for her.

But he shouldn't target Jeffery.

"Stay with me, okay?"

Jeffery pretended to be in a trance. At this time, he looked at Sherry pitifully, just hoping that Sherry could pay more attention to himself. Sherry was still the same Sherry.

Even though her mood had changed a little at the beginning, after seeing the pitiful look of Jeffery, Sherry began to feel sad.

Sherry touched Jeffery's head and said, "Don't worry. I'll always be here. I'll always be by your side, so you'd better be quiet too. Let's just stay here quietly, okay?"


When you wanted to protect someone, it was not necessary for you to keep talking nonsense with him, but you could just give him the simplest companionship.

Sherry had always thought so. At this time, Sherry was also doing what she thought was right. At this moment, Sherry hoped that she could give Jeffery everything she thought was the best.


When Jeffery looked at Sherry, his expression was still a little strange, but at this time, this young man looked much more peaceful. At this time, how much Jeffery hoped that they could continue like this?

"Sherry, do you think you will be sad if I really die this time?"

This time.

At this time, Jeffery didn't call Sherry sister as before. Instead, he called her name willfully, but what he said would only make Sherry feel more distressed.

Looking at Jeffery, Sherry forced a smile and said, "Don't be silly. You are fine now, aren't you?"

Sherry didn't want to face something, but at this time, Jeffery continued.

"Yes, I'm fine now. But what if?"

"At that time, I was lying there and really thought that I would die. At that time, I even hated you. Why didn't you stay with me? Why couldn't I see you for the last time when I was almost dying?"

Jeffery said in a slow tone, but at this time, Sherry had already burst into tears.

At this time, Sherry didn't need to be so rational with her previous doubts about Jeffery. This young man cared about her so much, and she was also the only family member around him.


Why wasn't she with him when he needed her? 'Sherry, Jeffery treated you as his sister, but are you really qualified to be like this?'

"At that time, when I saw you for the last time, I really a

ld in her hands carefully, or he would be in danger of being broken at any time.

"Yes, you are always here."

At the beginning, Jeffery looked a little absent-minded, but soon, when Jeffery looked at Sherry, he smiled happily.


There was also Sherry by his side, so now he didn't need to be afraid at all. As long as Sherry could always protect him, everything would be fine.


'Sherry, I appreciate your innocence. Until now, you still think that I am only dependent on you.'.

"By the way, I've drawn the design for you before, but it's for you to wear, so I want you to see the effect. If you are satisfied, I'll continue to work."

It had to be said that even if Sherry only treated Jeffery as her brother and her own responsibility, her tenderness would still make people intoxicated.


Perhaps this was also what Sherry was proud of.

"Is this for me?"

Although Jeffery didn't know much about design, he could tell what kind of man he was from Sherry's work.

He was an innocent young man.

But was he really like this?

Jeffery asked himself again and again in his heart. At this time, he also felt that the design in his hand was so heavy.

"Don't you like it?"

When Sherry looked at Jeffery, she was very careful.

Sherry was very satisfied with her own design, but after working as a designer for so long, she knew that whether a designer was satisfied with her own work or not was not the key.

The point was that the man who was dressing was also satisfied with her design.

"No, I just think it's a little different from what I imagined."

At this time, Jeffery looked very embarrassed. Jeffery didn't like this kind of clothes, but he also knew that it was the fruit of Sherry's painstaking efforts. He couldn't do this.

He couldn't do this!

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