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   Chapter 579 Perhaps It Is Fate Between them

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"Jeremy, whatever you want to think about. I really don't want to get involved in your business now. If there is nothing I need to do, I will go back. My wife is still waiting for me at home."

When Steve said these words, he looked very irritable.


At this time, even Steve couldn't find a reason to stay here.


In Steve's mind, Jeremy was just a weak fighter.

"You can just go."

When Jeremy looked at Steve, he was very calm. They had been friends for so many years. How could Jeremy not understand what Steve thought when facing him?


There were some things that even Steve couldn't know.

Steve was impulsive in front of others, so he'd better tell Steve when he got the result. But Jeremy didn't know how long it would take for him to get the result.


At least, Steve still had Linda by his side, but now he was really alone. 'Sherry, I can give you some time to stay with other men, but when the time is up, even if you don't want to face me.'

'Even if I use the toughest way, I will tie you to my side.'

Thinking of this, Jeremy's eyes darkened.


When he followed Jeremy this time, Barry looked very respectful. It was known that his feeling for Jeremy had changed a lot compared with the previous times.

As far as Barry knew, his boss had only been depressed for a period of time. Everything before was just a disguise, but Jeremy was still a decisive man.

"Boss, what do you want these drugs for?"

When Barry looked at Jeremy, he was a little worried.

Jeremy's face didn't look good at this time, "These are all here today. I only got them after the accident of Jeffery. However, when Sherry came to me, I gave that woman a chance to misunderstand me."

Jeremy had seriously thought about what was the biggest problem between him and Sherry.

In the end, Jeremy came to a conclusion that he had done too much wrong to Sherry, so at this time, if he really wanted to do something to change the relationship between the two people, it was actually very simple.

That was to ask Sherry to do something that she felt sorry for herself.


At this time, Jeremy could see it clearly.

However, the bystanders were a little speechless at this time.

Barry thought, there was a big gap between him and Jeremy.

It seemed that the attitude of the two people towards love was completely different.

It was the same every time.

"May you continue?"

Barry couldn't help but ask when he looked at Jeremy.

There were some things that Barry wanted to know more. Only when he knew more at this time could he know whether he could really help Jeremy in the following. At this t

id to Jeremy cautiously.

"Okay, I see."

After hearing what Barry said, Jeremy still behaved calmly.

Since Sherry came back from abroad, she had always hated him.

Even if she was scolding him now, it was normal.

Jeremy glanced at Barry indifferently and said, "Is there anything more important?"

"No, there're not," said Barry weakly, shrugging his neck.

Even if he hadn't seen it clearly before, he could see it clearly now.

Although Jeremy still cared about Sherry, he didn't want others to really get involved in it. It used to be the two people's business, Jeremy and Sherry.

It was the same now. Even though the relationship between the two had been so bad, the possessiveness of Jeremy was still as strong as before.

"Are you really all right now?"

When Sherry looked at Jeffery, she didn't hide her worry at all.

Sherry felt guilty at this moment.

She had known from the beginning that how hateful Jeremy was now and that the man could do something crazy at any time, but she hadn't been on guard before.


When she faced Jeremy, she could be more vigilant. Maybe now she and Jeffery didn't need to face such a thing at all, because there was no need for them to do so.

"I'm really fine. I don't need to care about what those people said. Anyway, we are brothers. How could my brother really hurt me?"

While saying these words, Jeffery bit his lower lip. Obviously, he didn't mean it.

In Sherry's eyes, Jeffery was suspecting Jeremy. But this young man was afraid that she would worry about him, so at this time, he didn't want to say anything even if he was wronged.

At this time, looking at his appearance, Sherry felt even more distressed.

She patted Jeffery's head and said, "Well, don't think too much. Just forget it."

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