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   Chapter 577 A New Understanding

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Even though such a thing looked ridiculous on the surface, at this time, such a ridiculous thing was so obvious in front of everyone. Even if Sherry was unwilling to accept it, she had to accept it.

"Miss Sherry, it's not as simple as you think. We also want to figure it out, but there is something wrong with our monitoring, so we need time."

In fact.

It was not about the surveillance video at all. It was just that what they knew now was not something they could make a decision. Next, they would hope that the higher ups could give them a result.

"So, it's not a simple medical accident. Someone did it on purpose?"

Sherry was a very smart woman. In addition, Sherry had been looking at these people all the time. At this time, they just exchanged a look, and she knew what had happened.

Her face, which had been pale, became even worse at this moment.

These guys.

Did they think that she looked easy to be bullied? So they did so?

"Okay, I'll give you two choices now. One is to give me the video, or you all stay here and shouldn't run away. I will definitely solve this matter through legal means."

Sherry was really angry.

They looked at each other and smiled bitterly.


It was not a simple medical accident, but if they told Sherry the truth now, they would be the ones to suffer in the end. Therefore, at this time, even if they knew that they might be in trouble, there were some words that could not be said at this time.

It was not that they couldn't tell her, but that they didn't want to.

"Can you give us some time? You should know that we can't really make a decision. Otherwise, we can only make the video completely disappear."

Although they didn't know how to face Sherry now, they knew that there was someone more difficult to deal with than Sherry. At this time, even if they offended Sherry, they couldn't offend that person.


Sherry was not a fool, but she only needed to get the explanation she wanted in the end. At this time, there was no need for her to press them step by step.

Thinking of this, Sherry naturally thought a lot. She smiled and didn't ask herself to say anything more. It was not because she didn't want to say anything at this time, but because at this time, even if she said something, it might not have a good result for her.

In that case, why bother?

"Miss Xu, it seems that Mr. Jeffery misses you very much and keeps calling you."

When the nurse came, she was shivering.

"Let me have a look."

Sherry's face looked a little pale, and it looked even worse at this time. But when she heard about Jeffery's condition, her eyes were red.

Seeing this, the nurses who we

he was close to Jeremy recently?


These were all what Chester was thinking about.


Even if Jeremy knew what Chester was thinking, he wouldn't say anything. After all, it was understandable.

One was concerning the interests, the other was caring about his best friend. This was the difference between Chester and Steve.

Jeremy sighed and said, "Steve, ask someone to watch this video. If Jeffery changed the medicine by himself, then there would be no one else. So, I want to see the result."


What Steve feared most was not that Jeremy needed him, but that even if Jeremy was facing such a thing, at this time, he didn't know what to do.

"I suddenly feel that, is this the gene of your family? Both of you two are troublemakers. I really don't know whether it's good or bad for Sherry to meet you."

Chester sighed and said.

It was true.

From the current relationship, it was possible that it was possible for Jeffery to be with Sherry, and it was also possible that Jeremy was with her. The only person who was impossible was himself.

He was the only one who was impossible.

But he was the most rational one among them.

At this time, Jeremy looked at Chester and said with a smile, "You actually have no shortcomings. You just need to be too rational in the face of these things, but this is love, and you don't need to be rational."

Although at this time, Jeremy still smiled.


When Chester looked at Jeremy, he could clearly feel that the smile on his face was still fake, but even so, Chester thought that he believed in this man.

Jeremy was crazy, but he didn't want to die to satisfy his desire. He could just wait until the result came out and face it. Nothing else mattered.

Steve was surprised to see this.

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