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   Chapter 576 Phone Call

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Was Chester going to never marry for his life for Sherry?

Thinking of this, Jeremy couldn't stay calm anymore.

Even if it was clear to Chester that he shouldn't fight for Sherry with him, but in the future, would this man never be with him and pursue Sherry all his life?


For Jeremy, it was simply an uncertain factor. If possible, Jeremy didn't know what else he could say in the face of such a situation. Or, it would be better for him to say something at this time.

"Chester, if you have a crush on someone, you can tell me directly. Even if I can't, Steve knows a lot of women. You can't just live like this for the rest of your life."

Steve found Linda.

Jeffery was still competing with her.


This man, who had quit for a long time, actually came to protect Sherry with such a mood. At this time, Jeremy really could not let himself face Chester the same as before.

Every time he faced this man, he felt that his eyes must be red at this time. How could Chester be like this?

"So, do you think there will be few women who like me?"

When Chester looked at Jeremy, he still had a very helpless smile on his face. At this time, he still had a lot to say, but when he faced Jeremy, he felt that it would be better if he didn't say it out.

He was not so familiar with Jeremy as he thought.


The two of them should look the most suitable for each other at the current position.


After hearing what Chester said, Jeremy was really speechless.

What kind of person was Chester? He was one of the best. Even if a girl wanted to get married, Chester was definitely a more suitable person than him.

After all.

A man like Chester was almost a perfect existence in many women's hearts. If he wanted to get married, then there must be a lot of girls who wanted to marry him.

Jeremy knew that his worries at this time were completely unnecessary.

He'd better worry about himself rather than worry about Chester. With the help of Chester, how much attention could Sherry pay to him?

"So, if I were you, I wouldn't have let myself think about those useless things. Putting my mood and time on some useful things is the best result for us."

After saying that, Chester ignored Jeremy.

There was something.

It was a choice made by a person. Since he could make a choice, he could naturally bear the consequences.

"So, that's all my business."

At this time, Jeremy said these words because he cared about Chester, but it didn't mean that at this time, Chester would definitely give face to him. At this time, whe

their level could say. These words should be handed over to the superior to explain. Otherwise, what would they do in the future? Losing this job?

Looking at the attitude of these guys, Sherry knew that what she was concerned about was not that there was no result, but that at this time, even if there was a result, no one was willing to tell her.

If she didn't know the result, maybe at this time, Jeremy wouldn't look very angry. But because he knew this result, at this time, he looked very irritable.

"What kind of explanation do you want?"

Although the person in front of them was Sherry, who was just a Sherry that no one else knew her identity, the leaders of the hospital were still careful when facing her at this time.

Jeremy, Jeffery.

Both of them who were related to Sherry were really something.

They couldn't afford to offend anyone now, so at this time, when dealt this thing with Sherry, even these leaders had always been cautious. When the subordinates saw their leaders, they felt that their previous choice was very wise.


Leaders were cautious when facing this woman. It only proved that this woman had a strong background. So, they were just nobody, weren't they?

"I think you should know what kind of situation it is now. The hospital gave the patient the wrong medicine. Do you think it's a small matter? It's life-threatening."

"My brother is still in a coma. I'm telling you this to give you another chance. If you know anything at this time, you can tell me directly. I can solve it by myself."

Sherry was really angry. She was just away for a short while, but Jeffery's life was in danger. If it was other times, Sherry would not believe it. How ridiculous it was!

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