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   Chapter 575 Living Together

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In the face of this kind of man, Jeremy only felt that his whole body was unnatural at this time.

He frowned and continued, "But do you believe that Jeffery won't hurt Sherry? Don't forget that you chose to come to me to protect her. Have you forgotten your purpose?"

He had known that he couldn't control Chester.


Jeremy was still in a bad mood in the face of this kind of man.

That kind of terrible thing was not easy to describe in a few words.

It was a terrible emotion beyond words.


When Chester spoke, he looked a little depressed, but he didn't forget that he should control his mood now.

"But, didn't you hurt Sherry? Why should I believe you?"

In the past, Jeremy had felt that something was wrong, but when Chester said this, he finally realized that what was wrong.


What Chester said was the truth.

"Because I won't do such a thing now. It's not that I don't want to do it, but that I don't have a chance."

Looking at Chester, Jeremy said word by word.

"Maybe. At this time, I still can't understand what kind of image I should be in your eyes, but I know that I can at least have a clear conscience in front of you. "

While saying this, Jeremy could still keep his smile.

"Do you know that I used to think that I could be the same as others? No matter what happened to Sherry, it has nothing to do with me. After all, the person she loves now is not me.

But sometimes, you can only think about it. If you really want to do that, you can't even convince yourself. I can do the same at this time.

Every time, I feel why it seems that such a simple thing has become so difficult here. But now, things that I haven't been able to figure out before seem to become clear all of a sudden.

I like Sherry and I care about that woman, so I need to do something for her. Although everything seems inconceivable, in fact, everything is so simple."

While saying this, Jeremy could still keep his smile.


When Chester looked at this man, he was still unable to calm down. He seemed to understand all the thoughts of Jeremy, but also seemed not to understand.

It seemed that Jeremy didn't care too much about anything, but he didn't give up Sherry at all. On the contrary, he chose another way.

Looking at Chester, Jeremy was very calm, because he knew what he should do now to better control his emotions.


Could Jeremy really understand what he had done? Next, it should be a very difficult

ou have a daughter and will give all your property to her in the future. After all, I have two sons."

At this time, facing with Chester, Jeremy still tried to be calm.

In fact.

Jeremy didn't take it seriously. He just felt that Chester looked too dull, and the next two people would live together. If this was the case for Chester all the time, he would be very boring.


At this time, Jeremy just wanted to see more reaction from this man.


What Jeremy didn't expect was that Chester took it seriously and thought very carefully.

Finally, Chester said, "Yes."

Hearing his answer, Jeremy was stunned.

Jeremy stared at Chester blankly, feeling that something seemed to be wrong. He needed some time to digest the information Chester gave him.

Even if Jeremy would feel that something was wrong at this time, when he needed to say something, he didn't even know what he could say.

At last.

Jeremy sighed and said, "So, are you serious?"

He thought, 'Is this guy really not going to get married in the future? Can he even give all his family property to his daughter? I used to think he was a smart man, but can he really do such a thing?'


Chester said with a bitter smile.

If a person really fell in love with someone, how could he easily forget her? If he could easily forget someone, then it would never be love.

This was how Chester was now.

"If I'm really alone in the future, I still hope you, a man with two sons, can speak for me. Don't leave me alone when I'm old."

When Chester spoke, he looked relaxed.


Jeremy was so shocked by what the man said at this time.

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