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   Chapter 574 Astonishing Action Of Jeremy

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At that time, Sherry was not responsible for it, and so was Steve.

It was all her fault that she didn't ask her anything at that time.

"I know he has made you uncomfortable these days, but the situation is very special now. He is still my best friend. So, even for me, you have to endure it, can't you?"

Looking at Steve, Linda asked, "Can you tell me what kind of person Jeffery is?"

Looking into Steve's stunned eyes, Linda smiled and said, "I know what you are thinking now. My meaning is actually very simple.

Since the current situation is that Jeremy has encountered some trouble, we can solve it. Even if you can't figure it out in a short time, it doesn't mean that I can't."

Said Linda confidently.

After all.

In the past, Linda knew Sherry so well.

"So, do you have any idea?"

So when he looked at Linda, his expression looked a little strange.

Steve had thought about it before.

After all.

He knew the relationship between Linda and Sherry seemed to be very good before. He had thought that if he asked Linda some questions, and then he could get what he wanted.


These were Steve's own thoughts, but it didn't mean that other people's thoughts were the same at this time.

Linda smiled and said, "I know Sherry and you know Jeremy. So it shouldn't be difficult for us to analyze their relationship from the perspective of bystanders. But now, all the problems are on this Jeffery.

If it weren't for Jeffery, the relationship between Sherry and Jeremy would have been very harmonious. Then, how should we deal with Jeffery? How should we let Jeffery leave from Sherry? That's the biggest problem so far."

Although Linda looked more like a little woman most of the time when she was with Steve, and she was always obedient to Steve's requirements, he still didn't forget what kind of existence the former Linda was.


Sometimes, Linda would make herself look harmless, but it didn't mean that Steve would really have such a feeling at this time. He had always remembered what she had done.

Looking at Linda, Steve nodded.

"Yes, I guess it should be the biggest problem for us up to now. But you can't deal with Jeffery as you like. Jeffery is the younger brother of Jeremy, and it's not the first time I have met Jeffery. But if you ask me something about him now, I can only tell you that I have never known him."

At this moment, Steve was depressed.

A young man who he should be familiar gave people an unfathomable feeling, which was absolutely not something worth celebrating

the time, he wouldn't change much. He only cared about his own business.

"So, you really want to live here, but do you want to know my answer?"

Chester poured himself a glass of water, but didn't directly answer the question of Jeremy.

At this time, Chester was still confused about Jeremy.


When Jeremy looked at Chester, he didn't try to avoid his gaze.

Although Jeremy didn't know what on earth Chester was thinking about him at this time, for Jeremy, everything he did was basically without a guilty conscience.

"Yes, I have a good attitude towards him."

The smile on Jeremy's face was a little forced, but he still tried to make himself smile in front of this guy.

After all.

If he wanted to know what he was curious about, he just needed to be cheeky.

"I know. I shouldn't have paid attention to the private relationship between you and Jeffery, but for me, you should have been on my side before. Didn't I even have the right to know when you changed the side?"

When Jeremy looked at Chester, he looked very calm.

Chester just frowned and looked at Jeremy, and he didn't say anything more. It was not that he didn't want to say anything.

Even if he wanted to say something, he didn't know what else he could say at this time. This helpless emotion could not be figured out by anyone.


At first, Jeremy had thought that no matter what happened, Chester's attitude would not be too aggressive when he faced him. But later, his reaction was far beyond Jeremy's expectation.

"Isn't it more interesting because it's unknown? If you know everything at the beginning, what's the meaning of the following things?"

Looking at Jeremy, Chester smiled happily.

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