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   Chapter 573 Bitterness

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Sherry really looked at Jeffery for a long time. It seemed that she just wanted to find something from this young man. She just wanted to know whether what he said to her was joking or was it true.

"Well, I agreed, but you still need to give me some time. I'm not prepared for myself now, and I don't know what the result will be.

Give me some time to make a few design drawings first, and then talk about this question, okay?"

When Sherry looked at Jeffery, she didn't ask herself to figure it out immediately, but asked herself to promise him at this time. She didn't know what his intention is.


Sherry could still confirm her own thoughts.

"Do you have any requirements for me in the future?"

Sherry couldn't explain it clearly. The relationship between the two people should be very happy, but every time only she and Jeffery were left, the relationship between them began to become very strange.

It seems that...

Their relationship was not as simple as it looked. And it was difficult to explain clearly what this strange relationship was.


Jeffery was also a smart man. How could he not see that Sherry's mood looked a little strange at this time? It was easy for him to guess what Sherry was thinking.

Just because he could guess, he had to pretend to be unable to know anything at this time.

In this way, neither of them would bring any trouble to each other.

"What do you think is my requirement for you?"

When Sherry was packing up, Jeffery couldn't help but ask curiously.

When Jeffery looked at Sherry, he wholeheartedly wanted her to give him a reasonable explanation.

But, Sherry just gave Jeffery a big smile and said, "I think I can give you a finished design. I'm a well-known designer. Don't you want to collect my work?"

For Sherry's answer at this moment, Jeffery just let himself smile, and then said nothing more.

After all.

He originally said it just for the curiosity.

Since it was not serious at the beginning, there is no need for him to take it seriously.

"Yes, I refused a master. It's incredible. I promise I will refuse you next time."

"You brat!"

Outside the door, Jeremy quietly looked at the two people inside, with a complicated mood.


Steve came with Jeremy. Seeing the look on Jeremy's face, he knew what he was thinking.

"Do you think that if you didn't misunderstand Sherry at that time, and if Jeffery didn't get involved in the relationship between you two, you two should be very happy now?"

When Steve said these words, he looked at J

not. What a strong man he was. But now, just because of Sherry, he looked so humble.


Linda also had her own love, but she still couldn't understand why Sherry could change such an arrogant man into what he was now.

"I also want to know if he regretted."

Looking at Jeremy, Steve couldn't help but sigh.

"I know what you are curious about now. I remember that I asked Jeremy at that time, but he said that if love is under his control, it is not love.

In fact, he doesn't look pitiful now. At that time, nothing happened between me and Sherry, but Jeremy didn't believe. He just felt that there was something between me and Sherry.

At that time, it was Jeremy's grandfather who framed us two in order to prevent Jeremy and Sherry from being together. However, Jeremy just let himself accept his grandfather's ridiculous explanation, and he didn't give us a chance to explain."

Even now, speaking of this matter, Steve still looked a little angry.

After all.

Steve didn't want to face such a thing, but he had no choice. At that time, he was just kind-hearted, but he didn't expect that he would get such a result in the end.

This was not only a blow to Steve and Sherry, but also a thorn in Linda's heart.

After all.

It was because of this that Linda hated Sherry more at that time. She hated Sherry grabbed the man she loved. But now, after hearing that there was such a past before, Linda became silent.

At this time, Linda thought about something seriously.

For example

Did she do something wrong to get the result now?


Linda couldn't give herself an answer, not because she didn't want to, but because she didn't know what else she could give herself.

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