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   Chapter 571 Enough

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For Jeremy and Steve, the current state of Jeremy was not good at all.

Jeremy could care about that woman, but it must be within a reasonable range, what he had done was something that Sherry was unwilling to face now. Perhaps, she didn't know how to face it.

"Do you like it?"

Hearing this, Jeremy stopped what he was doing, stiffened.

At this time, Steve knew that what he said had played a role in this man, so he looked much more aggressive.

"Think about it. At that time, both of your two children will not belong to you. Jeremy, even if you can bear such a thing, I, as your brother, can't bear it. The reason is very simple. I feel ashamed!"

When Steve looked at Jeremy, he didn't show any respect to him.

Jeremy just looked at Steve.

Jeremy looked a little stiff at this time. At the beginning, Steve seemed to have something to say, but when he saw the look of Jeremy, he closed his eyes and let himself choose to be silent.

Now the situation was that.

Steve thought that he had said everything he could in front of Jeremy. Therefore, at this time, the most important problem could be said to be not him, but Jeremy.

As his friend, Steve knew that he could only give Jeremy some advice.

After all, whether these things could be figured out only depended on Jeremy himself.

Steve wanted to see if Jeremy could really understand what he was saying and whether he was as smart as he had imagined, but it would take some time to prove it.

Even Steve, who had always been confident in Jeremy, didn't dare to say anything too absolute at this time, because he knew that if he said it absolutely, it would do no good to him.

Everything was clear.

How Jeremy would choose was his own business.

However, Steve thought that at this time, Jeremy should choose to face everything. After all, if that was the case, it was the Jeremy he knew.

"So, should I really fight for it now?"

No kidding.

Even Jeremy himself felt tired at the relationship between him and Sherry, let alone others.

When Jeremy looked at Steve, he looked very helpless.

In the past, in the heart of Jeremy, he was the only one who could be with Sherry.

The man beside Sherry could only be himself.


Now, this idea was almost gone.


Sometimes, Steve wanted to tell Jeremy that if you thought there was no possibility between you two, you'd better give up Sherry. In this way, it was good for both of you.

Jeremy was a little helpless.


Jeremy had expected that Steve could really give him some new hints, but now hearing what Steve said, he was completely unwilling to say anything,

ndpa was very unstable.

After there were only the two people left, his grandpa looked at Jeremy and said seriously, "Well, now there is no one else here. Tell me what happened."

Although Jeremy knew that what he said at this time might irritate his grandpa, he still chose to tell him the truth.

"Grandpa, I like Sherry. I know that we didn't have a chance to be together before. But now I am very serious."

Jeremy knew it.

If he still couldn't pass the test of his grandfather in the end, it would be useless even if he really chased after Sherry.

"Our family have found you many beautiful girls from famous families. I just want to know one thing. What's good about that woman?"

When grandpa looked at Jeremy, he was also confused.

After all.

In Grandpa's heart, his grandson was the best, but now it was the first time that he came to him because of Sherry.

It was unbearable.

Why did his grandson like Sherry?

Hearing this, Jeremy looked a little stunned. At this time, he also wanted to know.

He also wanted to know why he still chose Sherry even if there were so many beautiful girls from rich families. Why?

"I don't know..."

Just when his grandpa thought that Jeremy would give him a good answer, he didn't expect that Jeremy would say something like that at this time.

After taking a look at his grandfather, Jeremy continued to speak out his real thoughts.

After all.

His family knew his family best. At this time, Jeremy was also the one who knew him best.


Jeremy knew that he didn't need to work hard at all.

At this time, what he needed to do in front of his elders was only to be honest and let them know what he was thinking. That was enough.

Perhaps, this was the best choice for him so far.

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