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   Chapter 569 Borrow Your Time

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Although Barry knew that Jeremy didn't have a good attitude towards him at the moment, he didn't seem to have any opinions on these things at this time.

When he spoke, he looked very strange.

"I can give you enough time to face all these, but I hope you can be a shrewd assistant in front of me. If you can't do it well this time, you can resign directly."

Jeremy was waiting for an answer.


When Jeremy raised his head, he didn't get an answer from Barry. At this time, the latter just looked at him foolishly and said nothing.

At this time, Jeremy really had no patience to face him, so he could say such words at this time.

"Boss, it's my fault. I'm going to work now."

Even at the beginning, Barry might not have realized what was wrong with him. But after all, he was a very smart person. They just communicated for a short time. Now it seemed that he could see through something that he had never figured out before.

"Go ahead."

Jeremy just wanted to frighten him, so what he said was not so serious.

So at this time, when he saw that Barry didn't dare to look at him, he smiled helplessly. Then he expressed his attitude at the moment, hoping that at this time, the two of them could really be relieved.

"Work is work, and a person is a person. What I can promise is that I have seen it clearly now, but what to do next depends on you. After all, I have decided not to participate."

Looking at the way Barry left, Jeremy couldn't help but say that.

At this time, when Jeremy looked at the other party, the expression on his face still looked a little strange, but at this time, Jeremy still did not say anything.

It was not because he didn't want to say, but because he didn't want to say at this time.

When Sherry knew this matter very well, she became silent in an instant.

This was something that Sherry had never expected before, and it was also something that she was unwilling to face now. At the thought that she was going to cooperate with Jeremy, Sherry felt that she was strange.

Glancing at Barry, Sherry continued, "In that case, why didn't Jeremy come by himself?"

According to Jeremy's personality, she was also one of the persons concerned now. Shouldn't that man try his best to stay with her? But why didn't he suddenly appear?

Looking at Sherry, Barry looked very calm.

"Our boss said that we only talk about money, not love."

Sherry looked a little embarrassed.


Chester knew that he might not have such a reaction at this time, but at this time, he really couldn't help laughing at the other side.

"Okay, I know what you mean. I don't want to get involved in the matter between you and your boss,

can help you once or two times. But it's been a long time. Do I need to comfort you like this every time? Sorry, I don't have so much time. I can't do it either."

When Jeremy spoke, he didn't save his face at all.

When Barry looked at Jeremy, he looked very guilty.

At the beginning, there were also some words that he wanted to say.


He didn't know what to say when he really opened his mouth, but every time he faced Jeremy, he felt that the gap between the two was more than a little.

"Boss, I'm sorry..."

When Barry looked at Jeremy, he was a little moved.

Although Jeremy looked irritable at this time, Jeremy was also using his actual actions to prove one thing wasn't he?

No matter what Barry had done before, at this time, Jeremy didn't care at all.

It didn't mean that he didn't care about anything.

However, the emotion of Jeremy at this time was more important than anything else to Barry.

Jeremy was right about one thing.

Now that he had done something wrong, could escape really change what had happened in the past?

For him now, the most important thing was not to escape, but to face it.

Thinking of this, Barry put aside his work and went out first.


Sherry had already gone home, but she had never thought of seeing Barry downstairs.

At the beginning, Sherry wanted to say hello.

But when she thought of the attitude of this guy in the daytime, Sherry felt that there was no need for her to embarrass herself at this time. She could just stay quietly aside at this time.

However, what Sherry didn't expect was that this time Barry was not here by accident, but for her.

Seeing that Sherry didn't want to face him, Barry had already stood in front of Sherry and asked, "Miss Sherry, can I borrow some time from you?"

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