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   Chapter 568 What Do You Want To Do Next

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"I'm sorry..."

Chester had always been a smart man, so at this time, as soon as Jeremy said such words, Chester knew what kind of harm his previous words would bring to this man.

Because of this, at this time, Jeremy chose to ask him to apologize to this guy as soon as possible.

"You didn't do anything wrong to me, so you don't have to say that to me. Besides, I really think highly of this project. In this way, because you are afraid of that Sherry might not agree with you, I will invest in the name of Steve, okay?"

Jeremy said helplessly.

Although Jeremy really cared about Sherry, if he didn't consider the feelings between the two people, Jeremy was also a shrewd businessman.

Jeremy really thought highly of this project.

Chester was really good at operating market.

In addition, Sherry was an excellent designer. As long as they succeeded this time, it was very likely that they would make a good reputation at once. How could Jeremy miss such an opportunity?


Jeremy also knew what on earth was on Chester's mind now. It was all because of Sherry.

The reason why Chester refused him this time was that he was afraid that Sherry would have any violent reaction because of what he had done.

At this moment, Chester was hesitating.

Although he was still unwilling to face it, what Jeremy said was no problem.


At the beginning, Chester was also confused.

If he really accepted Jeremy or Steve, could he cooperate well with Sherry this time?


Soon the man realized that this matter was not as complicated as he had imagined.

Even if there were some conflicts between Sherry and Jeremy, the most important reason was that what kind of relationship was between Jeremy and Sherry?

Not at all.

This time, they were not talking about personal feelings, but about work.

In the face of work, whether this person was Sherry or Jeremy, they needed to show an attitude that they should have when facing work.

He just needed to face everything well.


Although at the beginning, Jeremy asked himself to persuade Chester, when the latter really agreed, the one who was at a loss turned to be Jeremy.

The man said foolishly at this moment.

He felt that it was unrealistic.

"It's true..."

Chester said helplessly.

After all.

In the eyes of Chester, Jeremy used to be a calm man, but this time, Jeremy completely broke his impression in the heart of Chester.

It should be a very simple thing to solve, but for the current Jeremy, he could still struggle for such a long time. He was so indecisive that he didn't look like a man at all.


this time?"

Barry didn't know what Jeremy had done before. Because of this, when he saw what Jeremy had asked him to do, Barry couldn't control his emotions at all.


He was not qualified to speak about boss's emotional life.


There were so many things in the past. Hadn't the boss figured out some things now?

"This is a business. We only talk about money, not love."

When Barry looked at Jeremy, he didn't hide the worry in his eyes at all.

It was precisely because Jeremy noticed that this fellow was really worried about him at this time. Even at the beginning, Jeremy didn't mean to explain to others. However, after seeing the Barry's gaze at him, he hesitated for a while and let himself choose to explain something to him.

"Only about money, not love?"

Barry was little stunned. Looking at Jeremy, he wondered that were such words really coming out of Jeremy's mouth?

After all.

Shouldn't Sherry be the only one in Jeremy's eyes now? Didn't the boss choose to invest this time because this matter could help Sherry?

When Jeremy looked at Barry, he looked very helpless.

"It doesn't matter that I was in a bad state before, but Barry, you'd better not forget your identity. You are my assistant. Even if I can forget my identity for a while because of something, you can't."

"This is a business. What we need to see is how much profit it can bring to us, what kind of designer Sherry is, and the talent of Chester, which is the reason why we invest."

"But I don't want to get involved too much in this matter, so I hope you can help me deal with it. I have explained everything to you. Now there shouldn't be any doubts. Just go to work quietly, okay?"

Jeremy said impatiently when he looked at Barry.

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