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   Chapter 567 A Big Problem

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"I don't know exactly what happened, but your fame was found to be a plagiarist. That person also took out some manuscripts to prove the authenticity of the matter to us. I know you are not that kind of person, but the problem is, how should we deal with this news now?"

When Ina said these words, she looked a little anxious.

After all.

In this period of time, Ina was the one who had stayed with Sherry for the longest time.

How could Ina not know at this time Sherry must be very upset when such a thing happened?


At this time, Ina knew what she should choose at this time.

If her choice at this time was not to take care of Sherry, then what she did was completely useless.

"Let me think."

At this time, Sherry looked a little hesitant.

It was known to all that Sherry could always be honest on such matters.

Therefore, at this time, in the face of such a thing, Sherry's attitude seemed to be particularly serious.

This matter must be properly solved, but up to now, it was still unknown how to solve it. Therefore, at this time, Sherry looked very hesitant, but when she faced Ina, she did not make herself anxious to give the other party an explanation.

At this time, everything still needed time.

At this moment, Sherry naturally had the same time as Sherry.

At this time, when Sherry looked at Ina, her eyes were full of indescribable indifference.

"Sherry, there is one more thing."

Looking at Sherry was also very anxious, Ina thought that she shouldn't continue to bother her with something at this time, but, as far as she knew, it was better for Sherry to know something at this time.

"We have said that we have to do our business by ourselves as soon as possible. I got some news, because you are not a citizen of the same country with those designers. In this season, they are together to push you out."

Ina was in a bad mood when she spoke.

"Go ahead."

Sherry was not a fool. She was a sensitive person. When she saw the attitude of Ina in front of her, she knew that she must have something to say to her at this time.

However, she was still hesitating.

After hearing what Sherry said, Ina seemed to be a little relieved, "So my suggestion is to find a reliable person to invest us in our country and create a brand belonging to us."

Just when Sherry was still struggling, Ina actually gave such an answer.

At this time, Sherry looked at Ina in a daze. At this time, she was really speechless.


When Ina said this, the first thing that came to Sherry's mind was what had happened the last time she faced Chester and Jeffery. At that time, she hadn't taken many things seriously.


Now it seemed th

ter, her eyes were still a little red.

Sherry knew that Chester had no obligation to be so good to her, but every time this man was so determined to stand behind her and support her.

Thinking of this, when Sherry looked at Chester, she was more moved.

At this moment, Sherry was really grateful to Chester.

After all.

For Sherry, she wouldn't have been who she was now without Chester.

Therefore, at this time, when Sherry looked at this man, she would be particularly calm. Such calm was something that no one else could give to Sherry, and only Chester could.

After Sherry left, Chester frowned.

Although it was no problem to hand over this project to Sherry, there was something wrong with the investor of this project. Chester opened a document beside him, and saw several big words written on it.



Jeremy was one of the investors.

Jeremy knew that Sherry attached great importance to this project, so at this time, Jeremy let him choose to do this project. However, there was something that became strange at the last moment.

"I can accept it. You don't have to care."

When Chester called Jeremy and told him that he couldn't accept the investment of him, unexpectedly, Jeremy faced everything calmly this time.

"Are you really okay?"


The relationship between the two people had always been very calm, and Chester knew that no matter what, it should not be him who said such words at this time, but at this time, he could not help but ask.


When Jeremy spoke, he looked very helpless.

"You don't have to think that there is a big problem with me now. Even if there is some misunderstanding between me and Sherry, I won't commit suicide because of such a thing. So, when you face me, can you stop being like this?"

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