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   Chapter 566 Something Happened

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At this time, when Sherry looked at Steve, she somewhat felt that this man looked a little ridiculous.

"Forget it. Since something has happened, there is still something you don't want to face. If you really want to improve the situation between you two, you can go to find Linda and treat her well."

"I have experienced this too. I know how Linda feels when she is facing you. Even Linda wants to be close to you now, but she can't do that now."

Said Sherry at this time.



At this moment, Steve had tried his best to figure out something, but when he really looked at Sherry, there was more confusion in his eyes.

There seemed to be a lot of words in the man's ears at this time.


When he was about to say something, he still couldn't make it clear.

"Because Linda likes you."

At the beginning, Sherry didn't know how to say something, but after she really said it, it didn't seem to be so difficult for her to say it. At this time, she could say it naturally at this time.

"Because Linda likes you, so her love is what you see in front of you. Every girl is very faithful to express her true love, so is Linda."

"Steve, as a man, you won't think so much. But I have made it clear to you now. It's up to you how to cherish Linda in the future."

Sometimes, Steve would look at Sherry while saying these words.

At this moment, Steve wanted to know if Sherry had also thought of this.

Did Sherry like Jeremy or not?

It was because Sherry was really disappointed when facing Jeremy, so she said these words at this time. But how could he tell these things to Jeremy later?

For Jeremy, it was obviously a hope to redeem Sherry.

Therefore, at this time, no matter what, he had the responsibility to help Jeremy.

Try his best to maintain the relationship between Jeremy and Sherry.

That was right. It should be like this now.

"Don't ask about me, or I won't tell you anything next time."

After all.

Sherry was still the woman who knew Steve well.

At this time, looking at Steve's face, Sherry knew what the man was thinking. After saying these words with a smile, Steve looked somewhat embarrassed at this time.

After all.

Before that, this man had always been confident in himself.


What kind of confidence Steve had in front of Sherry?


At least, there was one thing that Sherry was right at this time.

Only women knew women best, so did Sherry and Linda.

Sherry was the woman who knew Linda best, so at this time, her analysis of Linda would be like this. Maybe, after he went ba

hadn't forgotten, he was the best friend of Jeremy. When facing Jeffery, Jeremy's attitude was so bad.

It was normal for Steve to speak ill of Jeffery in front of her?

Sometimes, this was the case.

If you haven't started to think about anything, those things may be very simple in front of you, but when you really start to face them, the seemingly simple things will also begin to become complicated.

This was undoubtedly the case for Sherry now.

"Never mind. I'd better go home and take good care of my children. At first, I thought that only women could do so many things, but now it seems that you men are not much worse."

Although Sherry said so, her mood looked a little strange at this time.

No one knew what Sherry was thinking at this time, and even Steve, who was beside Sherry, didn't know.

"Here we are. I'm leaving now."

There were still many things in Sherry's mind that she couldn't figure out at this time. Naturally, she didn't want to waste more time on Steve.

She took a look at Steve and left after saying goodbye to him

Behind Sherry, Steve looked a little embarrassed. At last, Steve called Jeremy, "Can we have a talk?"


There was nothing wrong with Jeffery and Jeremy. In the next few days, Sherry's life should be peaceful, but it was not the truth. Her life was even worse than before in the following days.

"Elizabeth, we're involved in a plagiarism case. Someone accused us of plagiarism."

When Sherry was still resting in her own room, a call from Ina completely disturbed the previous silence of Sherry. At this time, Sherry could not let herself pretend that nothing had happened.

Sherry tried to calm down and asked, "Don't worry. Tell me slowly."

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