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   Chapter 565 Other Plans

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It seemed that every time between the two people was like this.

As long as Sherry didn't say a word to Jeffery, the young man would start to panic. He always felt that something was completely out of his expectation, and it was completely different from what he had imagined.

Every time Jeffery was in such a bad mood, he would become very irritable. It should be known that what was the most important thing for Jeffery. The most important thing was Sherry's attitude in front of Jeffery.

Jeffery hoped that Sherry's attention could be focused on himself. Only when Sherry's attention was focused on him could Jeffery feel at ease. He didn't know since when he had this feeling.

Unconsciously, Sherry avoided the gaze of Jeffery.

Then she asked, "What's wrong?"

Was it really the same as she thought? As long as Jeffery didn't pay attention to him now, this young man would start to panic. Did she do something wrong to make things look like this.

Seeing Sherry's expression, a hint of disappointment appeared in Jeffery's eyes. Then he continued, "I want spicy hot pot."

Hearing this, Sherry unconsciously frowned.

After all.

Spicy hot food was junk food. If possible, Sherry really didn't want Jeffery to eat it. However, when Sherry saw the young man looking at her, she couldn't say anything more.

After all, Jeffery looked so pitiful now.

At this time, even if she really said something, it would only cause greater harm to the other party.

This was not a good sign.


Looking at Jeffery, Sherry smiled dotingly, "But we have to make a deal that we can only eat this time. When you recover, I'll take you to a roadside stand. What do you think?"

Jeffery was different from Jeremy.

The young man in front of her was like her younger brother, and there seemed to be nothing that she couldn't say to him. But in the eyes of Sherry, Jeremy always looked very superior.


Every time Sherry faced that man, she had a very strange feeling.

That kind of feeling could not be described in a few words.

At this moment.

The man in front of Sherry was Jeffery, which was one of the main reasons why Sherry was in a good mood.

"Sherry, I'll sleep now."

The smile on Sherry's face looked very gentle, but at this time, Jeffery found that he dared not to let himself look into Sherry's eyes at the moment. Jeffery let himself hide in his quilt.

If he didn't look into Sherry's eyes, he wouldn't think too much at this time.

'Sister, please trust me.'

'Even if I really did something excessive for you, I just hope that the two of us can live a simpler and happier life


At the beginning, Steve looked a little hesitant when faced Sherry.

He was wondering if he should say something now.

After all.

Perhaps, even if he didn't say something, he would get a solution sooner or later.


Later, Steve didn't know what he was thinking. He took a look at Sherry beside him. He didn't know how to say those words before, but at this time, he just said them naturally.

"I don't know if I think too much, but I always feel that Linda is very sensitive when we get along with each other. When I do something very simple, she would think a lot of it."

"So when I wanted to buy something for Linda, I began to hesitate. I was afraid that she would think I have some other plans for sending her gifts."

Steve looked depressed when he spoke.

At this time, Sherry looked at Steve and said nothing.

After all.

At least in the past, Steve was not like this in front of Linda. In Linda's eyes, Steve should have been the playboy. But now, when he really loved a woman, he became so embarrassed.

Sherry sighed and said, "Although I know you may feel a little wronged if I tell you this question at this time, I think this is also on you."

When Sherry said this, she looked a little depressed.

"In fact, you should also be very clear about what kind of man you used to be, a standard playboy. So, at this time, do you really think that Linda will have a sense of security in front of you?"

As far as Sherry knew, Steve was in a bad mood now.

Normally, he shouldn't have told her anything that upset him.


He thought so, but it was not the case when he did so.

Steve's eyes were full of regret. If he had known that he would also have such a day, he wouldn't have been with so many women.

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