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   Chapter 507 Rethink

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"Okay, I see."

At this time, Sherry's mind was full of what was going on with Jeffery. As for whether the nurse do something or not, Sherry didn't care.

Sherry only felt deeply remorseful.

She wondered why she couldn't stay a little longer when Jeffery asked her to leave.

If that was the case, Jeffery wouldn't have been like this.

Sherry felt guilty at this time, but she didn't know if Jeremy would be pissed off by her speechless thought if he knew what she was thinking at this time.


Jeffery had been thinking when on earth Sherry could appear in front of him. He had never thought that Sherry would come much faster than he had imagined.

Jeffery was somewhat depressed at this time, but it was a victory for him that Sherry could come to see him now.

It was not him who should be depressed, but Jeremy.

The woman that Jeremy had always wanted to protect was now here with him.


Most importantly, that woman was still very concerned about him.

As for Jeremy's thought, in the eyes of Jeffery now, it was no different from a joke.

In the past, didn't Jeremy think that no matter where he was, he was very powerful?


"What's wrong with you? Is there any other problem now?"

When Sherry just came over, she couldn't help but start to care about Jeffery.

The doubts deep in her heart before were nothing at this time. In Sherry's heart, only the safety of Jeffery was the most important. As for other things, they had to stand aside at this time.

"There is almost no other problem. Sherry, you'd better go back first. I am really fine."

At this time, Jeffery didn't take the initiative to speak out his grievance, but at this time, the more he behaved like this, the more Sherry felt that she was in a bad mood now.

If it weren't for her, Jeffery wouldn't have been in such a mess.


Why did Jeffery have to suffer all this because of her?

"Do you know the video? I've seen it."

When Sherry said this, she was very conflicted.

In fact.

At this time, it was impossible for Sherry not to care about Jeffery.

When people really care about someone, they usually didn't know what to say and how to do in front of someone they cared about.

"I know."

At the beginning, Jeffery was still trying to avoid Sherry's eyes, but when he found that Sherry had been paying attention to him, even if he was not particularly willing to face it at this time, he had to face it.

"I'm sorry..."

Jeffery glanced at her and sai

pened her mouth that she realized what her most fatal weakness was.


Deep in her heart, she actually agreed with what Jeffery was saying now.

"Well, it's also my fault. I know I must face it, but I don't."

Said Jeffery with a sigh.

Seeing such Jeffery, Sherry felt sorry for him.

"Never mind. You don't have to feel sorry for me. That's enough. Let me be alone for a while, okay?"

At this time, it was clear that Jeffery didn't even want to give Sherry a chance to explain.

Even if Jeffery gave Sherry a chance to explain at this time, would the result be different?

Obviously, it was impossible.


When Sherry went out, she was on the verge of collapse.


Sherry knew that she must be the calmest person at this time. If she couldn't even calm down next, it was impossible for Jeffery to calm down.

Even when she faced Jeffery, she might really have some sympathy.


As long as she treated this young man sincerely, everything would be fine. However, although Sherry could figure it out very simply, it didn't mean that at this time, Jeffery would be the same as her.

So at this time, what Sherry could do was to calm herself down and wait quietly for the doctor's instructions.

"In fact, the most important thing now is the patient's mentality. We are not in charge of him for the first time. He looks good, but sometimes he easily thinks too much."

When the doctor said these words, Sherry just nodded, indicating that she had basically understood what he meant, and most of the things were what she could fully understand now.

Sherry was determined to face Jeffery with a better attitude.

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