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   Chapter 506 Make The Decision On Our Own

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It was a fatal sight for Sherry.

The tears at the corners of Jeffery's eyes were a blow to Sherry at this moment. She quickly walked over and gently wiped the tears from the young man's eyes.

"What happened?"

When Sherry looked at this young man, she was very careful, as if she had a lot of scruples.

"Do you think I'm useless now?"

Jeffery didn't directly answer Sherry's question, but gave her another question.

Sherry said nothing and just let herself face this man quietly at this time.

She didn't know what else had happened to Jeffery besides the video she had seen.


At this time, Sherry was also curious about what was going on with that video and how it spread out.

Would these two people be photographed secretly by someone else?

Or, at this time, it was not impossible to think about it in another way. Was it possible that one of the two people, Jeremy or Jeffery, had already known these things?

If Jeremy knew this, why did that man let such a video spread out?

It was known that if such a video was spread outside, it would do no good to Jeremy himself. So why did that man have to do this?


The most important thing now should be Jeffery's mood.

This guy was just a child. How could he bear such a suffering thing?

Sherry didn't want such a thing to happen.


Thinking of the previous attitude of Jeremy, at this time, Sherry was in a dilemma now. How could she make Jeffery feel a little warm?

And how could she persuade Jeremy to be nicer to Jeffery?

Just when Sherry was still immersed in her own emotions, Jeffery spoke again, but what he said really frightened her.

Jeffery said so.

"Do you also think that I'm useless? So even if you want to comfort me now, you don't know what to say? You know what? I've been sitting here for a long time, but I really want to jump down from here."

Looking at him, Sherry felt that her tone was a little trembling at this time.

"Jeffery, trust me. There is nothing we can't deal with peacefully. So now, calm down first. Trust me. There is nothing unbearable. You will be able to face everything well, really."

At the beginning, Sherry didn't do anything, but after hearing what Jeffery said that, she asked herself to try her best to comfort this young man, fearing that if she let go of him, this young life would disappear in front of her.

"In the past, I could at least do something for you, but now I can only be your burden. There is nothing I can do. The only thing I can do now is to stay here and waste your time and energy."

Tears welled up in Jeffery's eyes and he choked with sobs.

"I'm so sorry... If it weren't for me, you wouldn't have ended up like this..."


. Looking at the broken glass below, he made up his mind and lay down.

It looked like an accidental fall.

The nurses in the hospital were sensitive to the smell of blood.

When a nurse passed by Jeffery's ward, she smelt something unusual. When she opened the door, she saw Jeffery lying in the blood.

"Doctor! Doctor!"

The nurse ran out in a hurry.

Not long after Sherry left, she was called back.

"What happened? He was fine when I left."

When Sherry arrived at the nursing station, she only saw a group of gossipy nurses. She didn't see the head nurse or the doctors related to Jeffery.

A nurse said with some grievance, "I don't know what's going on. The floor is full of glass fragments. He fell on the ground. He might want to do something, but he is unable to move conveniently. Fortunately, he is fine now. He just needs a period of rest because he has lost too much blood."

Although the nurse felt wronged at this time, she still explain everything she knew clearly in front of Sherry, letting Sherry felt she was so professional.

"I want to see Jeffery now. Can you tell me where he is now?"

At this time, Sherry finally understood that these nurses also knew nothing.

"He is in the ward over there. Maybe his nerve tissue is been injured, so we send him there on our own. But the medical fees there are a little expensive."

The nurse said gingerly.

If it was a person from a poor family here, he or she would have cursed the nurse when hearing what the nurse said.


At this time, the reason why Sherry chose to say nothing was to give them some respect.


Judging from Sherry's usual behavior, the nurse thought Sherry didn't seem to be a poor woman. What's more, she cared about Jeffery very much, so she shouldn't care about this kind of thing.

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