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   Chapter 505 Loneliness

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At this time, Sherry just tried to calm down and then continued.

"I don't want to argue with you about what happened between us now, but I'm half Jeffery's guardian now.. I don't know why you are so hostile to Jeffery, but can't you get along well with each other? "

"Jeremy, if I'm not here and between you two, will you treat Jeffery better?"

Sherry didn't know what she was thinking. At this moment, she suddenly said something like that.

For Sherry, what Linda said before was still her purpose.

If it weren't for her, Steve and the others would have lived a good life now.

Now everything had become like this because of her. So, at this time, was there anything else that she could argue for herself?

Sherry thought carefully, but she still couldn't think of anything at this time.


From the very beginning, the one who did something wrong was herself.

"Sherry, I don't care who you are with, but my relationship with Jeffery is not something you can tell casually. You'd better find out your position. When I like you, you have the right to be arrogant in front of me."

"But now I don't like you. How can you say something like that in front of me? You are such a self righteous woman."

When Jeremy spoke, he didn't show any respect to this woman.

At this time, Jeremy was still angry from embarrassment.

She was a woman who only belonged to herself, but now she was thinking about another man.

Taking a step back, Sherry said with a bitter smile, "Jeremy, we can't be like this, can we?"

In the past, Sherry agreed that even if they could not be together for a lifetime, they should at least respect each other.


Why did she feel so bad after hearing these words from this man's mouth?

At this moment, it was hard for Sherry to describe such a feeling.

However, Sherry knew how bad her mood was at this time.

"Sherry, if you come to me for this matter, you can go back. I hope you can come to me next time, not for another man."

After saying that, Jeremy closed his eyes.

At this time, this man didn't want to see her, so he wouldn't feel annoyed.


When Sherry looked at Jeremy, her eyes were full of confusion.

Why did this man speak so absolute? Why was there no room for compromise between them at this time? ?

"Sherry, I'm tired."

While they were talking, the phone had been put on the bedside table by Jeremy. Jeremy said lazily.

Last time, Sherry did not choose to leave.

However, it didn't mean that Jeremy had given up asking him to expel Sherry at this time.

Therefore, at this time, Jeremy's attitude was particularly bad.

"I'm not talking to you as your ex-wife today. I'm just talking to you as half of Jeffery's guardian."

At this time, Sherry tried her best t


"Sherry, where are you?"

When Jeffery spoke, he was very careful.

It didn't mean that Jeffery didn't dare to talk to Sherry now, but he had to pretend to be pitiful in front of Sherry.

As for this, only when Sherry faced Jeffery would she have enough mercy.

And Jeffery used Sherry's sympathy to tie this woman to his side.

When Sherry heard the voice of Jeffery, she thought of the video she had seen before.

She couldn't help cursing herself.

"What's wrong?"

Sherry didn't realize how worried he was about Jeffery at this time.

If Jeffery hadn't been with her, he wouldn't have been in such a situation.

"I just miss you a little. I'm a little bored alone."

Jeffery was not sure whether Sherry had seen the video or not. He didn't know what Jeremy had said.

Now he had to pretend to be wronged in front of Sherry, but he didn't dare to tell her. He looked pitiful.

On the other side of the phone, when Sherry heard this voice, her heart was instantly softened.

"I'll be there soon, okay?"


That young man was just a immature man. Even if he had done something wrong, he was still immature.


Unlike Jeffery, Jeremy was a mature adult, so no matter what kind of situation she was in.

For Sherry, she would care about Jeffery.

When Sherry arrived downstairs, she went to the restaurant next door and bought some food before she went to see Jeffery.

That young man must have been waiting for a long time.

She had thought that when she entered the room, Jeffery would wait for her on the bed as before.

However, when Sherry went in, Jeffery was sitting in a wheelchair, next to the window.

At this moment, even Jeffery's back looked so sad.

"What happened?"

Asked Sherry cautiously.

When Jeffery heard the voice, he looked at Sherry as if he had just found Sherry.

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