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   Chapter 504 Quarrel

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Before arriving at the hospital in the morning, Sherry had called Ina.

At noon, Sherry would go there.

When she walked to the front desk, she suddenly found that the nurses seemed to be looking at something together.

At first, Sherry was not so curious, but at this time, she heard one of the nurses say so.

"I didn't like Mr. Jeffery before, but now he looks so pitiful."

Hearing this, Sherry could not move at this time. She just wanted to know what had happened.

At the beginning, Sherry was just a little curious.

However, after watching the content of the video, Sherry couldn't calm down.

In the video, Jeffery was scolded by Jeremy fiercely.

Looking at Jeremy like this, Jeffery didn't know what to say at this time. He just sat there in a daze and didn't know what to do.

Jeffery looked so pitiful and helpless against Jeremy.

Not to mention others, even when Sherry saw this video, she was distressed about the young man in the video.

"Next time, even if Mr. Jeffery scolds me, I won't say anything. Mr. Jeffery looks so pitiful. I used to think that his family is very good, but now it seems that he has been bullied too much at home."

"Yeah, look at his brother. He is good-looking and capable. What's the use of his ability? What kind of man is he to bully his brother like this?"

Even those nurses who had been bullied by Jeffery were full of righteous indignation at this time, defending Jeffery.

Sherry sighed helplessly.

She hadn't felt this way before, but now when she saw this young man, she couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

"Can I have this video?"

Sherry didn't know why she said that at this time. Maybe, in Sherry's heart, she was different from others.

These nurses didn't have any background and basically couldn't meet someone like Jeremy, so they looked a little timid in front of that man.


Sherry knew that she was the one who was different.

She could speak for the two sides. The words that Steve and Chester had said before were nothing at this time. What Jeremy had done was too much.

At this point, Sherry began to doubt whether Chester was bribed by Jeremy.

Otherwise, it was Jeremy who was the one who bullied others. It was inconceivable that Chester would speak for Jeremy at this time.

"Of course."

The moment they saw Sherry, almost all the nurses here thought of the relationship between Sherry and Jeffery.

Naturally, she handed the video to Sherry without hesitation.

In the eyes of these nurses, Jeffery was a completely weak group.


Jeffery needed someone to stand up for him.

For these nurses, Sherry was the most suitable person so far.

"Thank you."

Although Sherry said grateful words, it was diff

the corners of Jeremy's mouth looked more sneering, "Yes, my brother is so good. You can just marry him directly. You'd better give the children to me. Maybe you will have a lot of children at that time. How can you have time to take care of my sons? "

Sherry looked at Jeremy in disbelief, as if she had never really known this man, "What did you say?"

In the past, even Jeremy would do something excessive, but this man wouldn't say such outrageous words.

Sherry still trusted him.


Sherry looked at Jeremy, but he didn't respond at all.

As for what he had just said, at this time, Jeremy had no intention of defending him at all.

What did it mean that he didn't defend himself?

It meant that what Jeremy had just said was exactly what he had thought.


At this time, Sherry was still unwilling to believe that the man she was familiar with could say such excessive words in front of her.


Their relationship had already become worse unconsciously, but she hadn't realized it before.


Now when the truth was in front of her, was it so difficult for her to accept?

"Forget it. You can leave now."

When Jeremy said these words, he was stunned.

It never occurred to Jeremy that he could say such excessive words in front of Sherry.


What Sherry did now really made this man think too much. At this time, even if he could see that Sherry was angry, Jeremy was just awkward and did not say a word at this time.

"Where do you ask me to go?"

Sherry didn't expect that she had to be asked to leave by this man after she just stood here and said a few words.

Was this the way they were doing? They couldn't even have the simplest conversation?

Although they had been tit for tat before, it seemed that they had never come to this point.

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