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   Chapter 467 Not As Bad As You Think

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At first, Steve didn't think there was anything wrong with what he had said, but when he saw the silence on Linda's face, he remembered that Linda and Sherry were basically at odds with each other.


It was almost the same as sow dissension between them to say something like that in front of Linda.

He was so stupid.

Steve had been blaming himself all the time, and Linda was also immersed in her own sadness and unable to extricate herself.

"But... Why does Zoe still want to see you at this time? "

Even if the matter of Sherry was not mentioned, since the atmosphere between the two was so embarrassing, at this time, Steve always needed to help them find a topic to communicate.

Linda shook her head in confusion, "I don't know..."

Linda believed that even though Zoe was down and out now, the private detective in her hand was still very powerful.

Linda had been with Steve these days, and she believed that Zoe must know it.


If she had known that the two of them were together, why did Zoe still contact her? These were things that Linda couldn't figure out no matter how serious she was now.

"Do you want to face Zoe? I'll go with you."

Steve said cautiously.

Steve knew that Linda was sensitive to these things.

He didn't know if this woman would think too much when he said something like that.

Because of this, Steve stopped talking soon after he said this.

Seeing that Steve didn't say a word, Linda couldn't understand why he kept silent at first. But after thinking carefully, she knew why. She couldn't help but smile helplessly.

"Well, it's not as bad as you think. Let's face it together."

When she said these words, Linda felt relieved.

She had been thinking about what she should do if Steve still loved Sherry.


Now that Steve could pay attention to his emotions, it meant that she still had a place in Steve's heart. No matter what, it felt great to be cherished by this man.


Steve still felt unreal when he looked at Linda.

In Steve's mind, Linda shouldn't be an easy-going person.


Now Linda didn't think it was a big deal. On the contrary, Linda was very happy.


Hearing that Linda had agreed, Steve felt a little helpless.

He had said he could go with her, if he didn't go now, it was not good.

The helpless Steve had no choice but to let himself and Linda face Zoe at this time.

At this time, he could only hope that the woman's choice would not be too ridiculous.


Seeing that Steve nodded, Linda leaned against Steve's chest and replied the message.

Steve naturally put his arm around Linda's waist.



She didn't know where did Zoe's confidence come from. Did she think that she would cooperate with her as before? She was so stupid and hopeless.

Zoe looked at Linda and said nothing.

The information in her mind was too much.

In fact.

When Zoe came here, she knew that it was almost impossible for her to win back Linda, but even in this case, she still thought she could have a try.

Zoe didn't expect that Linda would be so straightforward at this time.

It turned out that.

In front of Steve, Linda's hatred for Sherry was nothing at all.

Steve looked at Zoe and said, "I won't interfere in your affairs, but you'd better think about how to face Jeremy. Even though we have been friends for so many years, I don't have the guts to threaten his secretary."

At this time, Linda took a look at Steve and then at Zoe who was sitting there.

At this moment, Linda couldn't believe what she had heard. Oh my God, she must have misheard. Did this woman really know what she was doing now?

Threatening Jeremy's secretary?

Although Linda and Jeremy hadn't contacted each other for a long time, she knew a little about that man. Even Linda herself had a conflict with Sherry, but she didn't have the guts to plot against Jeremy.

If it weren't for this time...


Did Zoe want to take over the company of Jeremy?

How brave she was.

"Don't look at me like that. I don't have the guts to shoot on Jeremy's chest."

Zoe had always known what Linda had done.

Although it was Sherry who shot, if it weren't for Linda, such a thing wouldn't have happened.

At this time, Zoe was really in a bad mood.

The most outrageous thing had been done by Linda. But why was Steve so aggressive in front of Zoe and still protect Linda?

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