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   Chapter 465 Worry

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"Why are you looking at me like that?"

Touching her face, Sherry looked a little strange when she spoke.

Although Sherry had always been confident in her own appearance, when she said this, Sherry also looked a little depressed. "I'm just curious."

Jeffery smiled and continued, "Forget it... But I'm really happy that you can come here. "

Looking at Jeffery, Sherry had a mixed feeling.

Sherry felt that she was unconsciously standing between the two brothers.

Although she didn't have such a feeling at the beginning, she had a strong feeling now. It was obvious that Jeffery couldn't ignore it.

"Are you really happy?"

There was still some confusion in Sherry's eyes when she looked at Jeffery.

It was because that she had been caring about Jeremy these days. Otherwise, why was Jeffery so happy just because she came here?


When Jeffery looked at Sherry, he couldn't hide his smile at all.

"I know you have been taking care of my brother these days, so you haven't come to see me. But, do you know that every time I can't see you, I will feel that I am a burden to you..."

When Jeffery looked at Sherry, he was about to cry.

At the beginning, Sherry was still thinking whether she was really so attractive to this guy?


In this case, Sherry still couldn't ask. At this moment, the expression on Jeffery's face basically showed everything.

"Are you serious about what you said last night?"

Although she had tried her best to tell herself not to think too much, in fact, at this time, what Jeffery said last night still echoed in Sherry's mind.

Sherry didn't know whether she could really trust what this guy said, but now she began to doubt Jeremy, after a few words of this guy.


Jeffery said frankly, without any guilt.

At the beginning, she was still persuading herself in her heart that Jeremy shouldn't be such a person. At this time, she finally couldn't continue to trust herself. When she looked at Jeffery, she was also confused.

When Jeffery saw Sherry's face, he knew that his plan had almost succeeded a lot.


Didn't Jeffery know how to make things worse?

"Sister Sherry, maybe I was wrong. I heard it wrong. But before everything is settled, can you not be so close to him? I'm really worried about you. "

"I know I'm useless now. I don't have the right to say that in front of you. But even if you just sympathize with me, you should take care of yourself, okay?"

Jeffery behaved pitifully in front of Sherry.

Jeffery had been looking at Sherry with his eyes. Every word he said was very attentive, but now when Sherry faced this man, her mood was still the same complicated.

Sherry didn't know if she should believe this young man now.

However, exc

ked softly, "From now on, we won't see a doctor, okay?"

At the beginning, Sherry wanted to say, 'No, your wound has been like this. What if you don't see the doctor?'

However, Sherry didn't know what was wrong with herself now. When she faced Jeffery, she didn't even remember these basic things.

She really didn't look like herself now.

She had always been very cautious. How could she do such a thing?


Although there was a voice in her heart telling Sherry that it was wrong to do so, she shouldn't spoil Jeffery so much.

It was the doctor that Jeffery needed most now, but now she gave in because of Jeffery's words.


How could Sherry not know? Compared with Jeffery's health, the most important thing now should be Jeffery's mentality.

For several times before, Jeffery was on the verge of breaking down.

Even if she still had a lot of worries, she couldn't force Jeffery to do something like this. She was afraid that the result would be worse than now.

After taking a look at Jeffery, Sherry hesitated for a while and said.

"Well... That's it this time. But you have to think about the doctor in the future. I know you don't like to face doctors, but it's good for you to see a doctor. "

"I can often come to see you, but I hope that professional people can do it. You should think it over."

Although Sherry really cared about Jeffery's feelings, at this time, Sherry didn't want Jeffery's wrong idea to continue.

When she spoke, Sherry didn't have a good feeling either.


At the beginning, Jeffery really didn't want to talk to Sherry, but after seeing Sherry's face, he suddenly felt that it seemed not good for him to refuse her all the time, so at this time, Jeffery still nodded and accepted her words.

When Sherry looked at Jeffery, her eyes were full of surprise.

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