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   Chapter 464 You Should Spend More Time With Her

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At the beginning, Jeremy liked to see the fun between them aside.


After seeing Sherry's apology, Jeremy felt that his woman had been wronged. At this time, his originally unhappy face suddenly became even worse.

Steve almost left.

How could he bully him like this?

He couldn't be nicer to Sherry, and he even couldn't treat he badly. It was simply unreasonable.

"Here is the thing..."

Although he was dissatisfied with these two guys at this time, Steve knew that if he didn't make it clear to these two guys, he would have a hard time in the future.

After hearing what Steve said, Sherry felt a little aggrieved.

"I didn't expect that things would end up like this. Moreover, I didn't know that Linda was pregnant at that time."

Although she said so, at this time, Sherry became more guilty because of what Steve said.

Although Steve's words were obscure.


Sherry was not a fool all the time. How could she not know what Steve meant now? It was her who made Linda lose her child because of her.

What a tragic thing it was.

Although she had always thought that she had done something wrong to Linda, at this time, Sherry really regretted. How could she face such a Linda in the future?

This was really a tangled problem.

Compared with Sherry, at this time, Jeremy was more concerned about other things.

"If you feel wronged, just forget it."

Although there were some important things on Linda now, Jeremy still couldn't let it go at this time.

After all.

That woman had done such a ridiculous thing before. Even if she did it again, it was possible.

"It doesn't matter. In fact, when we were together in the past, I found someone else's shadow on her. Now it seems that I am the one who should be sorry for others."

Steve said sincerely.

In Steve's mind, he didn't do anything too outrageous.

But it was really his fault on this matter.

Linda liked her, but he didn't give that woman a real equal relationship. Even when the other party had fallen in love with him, he was still the same as before.

But thinking of this, Steve felt more apologetic at this moment than before.

"Then you should spend more time with her."

At the beginning, Sherry wanted to face Linda by herself, but later, she let herself think it over.

Many things were not as bad as she thought, but they were not as good as she thought.

Linda said that she could control her emotions well in front of Steve, but Linda still hated her, so even if she explained something, that guy would never believe it.

In this cas

yesterday, Sherry really didn't know how to face Jeffery.

Although she didn't appreciate that his willfulness.


She had to admit that no matter how willful Jeffery looked now, she was the one to blame. Without her own reason, how could Jeffery be like now?

"Sister Sherry?"

Jeffery came out in a wheelchair. If he didn't go out, he would take a walk in the hospital.

After all.

There were almost all patients in the room. Even if someone noticed his appearance, they wouldn't give him any strange eyes. Therefore, Jeffery felt at ease in such a place.

"Why do you think of me?"

When Jeffery looked at Sherry, his eyes were full of inexplicable expression.

Although Sherry didn't say anything yesterday in front of him, Jeffery was a very sensitive person.

She could feel the expression on his face, so it was almost certain.

Even Jeffery would feel very sad now, but when facing this man, Sherry still tried to make herself give him a big smile.

"I'm just passing by. But what do you mean by that? Can't I come to see you?"

When she spoke, Sherry was also a little depressed.

Now when Sherry looked at the guy in front of her, she always felt that there was a very strange emotion in her heart. But, since she was facing this guy and wanted to say something, Sherry asked herself to be calm.


Jeffery looked a little helpless. Recently, Sherry was really different from the woman in his impression.

He had thought that she was a woman he could face no matter what, but now...

"I just haven't seen you for a long time, so I miss you very much."

When he spoke, Jeffery had been looking at Sherry eagerly.

This woman would soon belong to someone else.

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