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   Chapter 460 Disappointment

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There was sadness in Linda's eyes as she looked at Steve.

"Yes, you only have space for Sherry in your heart. I was even pregnant with your baby, but you only believed Sherry the entire time."

It was impossible for Linda not to be sad at this time.


Much to Linda's surprise, when Steve took Sherry's side, he came to this conclusion without giving it much thought.

Could it be that in Steve's mind, everything that Sherry had done was right?

Was that woman so pure that she wasn't capable of doing anything wrong? What was Steve's intention right now?

"That's not what I meant. Give me some time. I'll give you an answer."

Steve didn't give a direct response, which left Linda feeling even more disappointed.

"You've gone to an extreme. Although you've always been against Sherry, you should be thinking this through. Has Sherry ever really done anything to hurt you when you were against her?"

Steve was starting to get a little impatient with Linda.


The matter at hand had something to do with Sherry. For that reason, he had to remain calm while facing this woman.


Linda looked at the man in utter disbelief, her stomach filled with unspeakable anger.

There was no hope for this man!

"I know how angry you are right now, but you have to try to calm yourself down. If you do that, I think you'll understand what I'm trying to say."

He could clearly see how angry Linda was at that moment.

Despite that, Steve tried his best to persuade this woman little by little.

Only by changing her attitude toward Sherry would Linda be able to think clearly. Right now, what he had to be mindful of was Linda's mood.

"I can stop going after Sherry, and I'm willing turn myself in, but only on one condition."

At first, Linda still looked a little upset, but at this point, she seemed to have gotten much calmer.

Steve had always felt sorry for her, so he was surprisingly being nice to Linda right now.

Nodding his head, he said, "Go ahead."

For as long as Linda's request wasn't anything unreasonable, Steve would surely agree to it.

"Date me for a month. And you can only to be with me for the entire month,"

Linda said, feeling quite nervous.

In Linda's heart, this should totally be out of the question. Given how she had liked Steve for such a long time, she knew full well what kind of person he was.

Steve was not someone who could be threatened.

There was no way Steve would agree to it at all.

And she would only end up being looked down upon by this man even more. Their relationship had long been irreparable.

That being said...

How could she make such a ridiculous request at this time? At that moment, in his eyes, she must be nothing but a big joke.

At the thought of this, Linda's mood gradually became worse.

Steve had yet to give her an answer, but he was seriously considering whether he could trust this woman to keep her word or not.

At first, Steve couldn't help wondering if Linda had any ulterior motive. After all

e don't know the reason. He came back a couple of minutes ago. Then, moments later, he suddenly lost control in the ward and started beating himself."

The nurse looked pale.

Although Jeffery didn't look good before, he had never done anything to harm himself.

Sherry had no idea what could have happened that would bring him to do this to himself. Otherwise, how could he possibly end up in that state?

"You can leave now. I would like to have a word with him."

As Sherry walked to the door of Jeffery's ward, she couldn't help frowning.

She couldn't tell if these nurses were being too lax. All of them were leaning close to the door, as if they wanted to take a peek and see what Jeffery was doing inside.

In Sherry's heart, even if that guy would do something crazy every now and then, he would always be her beloved brother.

Jeffery was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. These people were only here to have some fun and kill some time. If Sherry didn't get upset at all after seeing this, it wouldn't make any sense.


Even if some of them still wanted to stay here and watch, the head nurse was a sensible woman.

Compared to Jeffery, she was much more afraid of Sherry.

Although Sherry seemed to have a good temper, she knew that people like her were the most terrifying when they lose their temper.

She never would dare to offend such a woman.

It wasn't until those people had left that Sherry's expression improved, even if just a little.

When Sherry pushed the door open, she stumbled upon Jeffery lying on the ground, looking like he was in so much pain.

"Oh, my God! What happened to you?"

Sherry looked at Jeffery with pity in her eyes. There were traces of tears on his face and his eyes were bloodshot and swollen. It was quite obvious that he had been crying earlier.

Seeing this, Sherry felt even sorrier for this guy.

As she looked at Jeffery, Sherry couldn't take it anymore and asked, "Tell me, what's bothering you? I'm here to help you take care of it."

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