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   Chapter 459 Kiss Me, Okay

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"Worried about me?"

Holding Sherry's hand, Jeremy looked gentle at this moment.

At least, Jeremy was really satisfied with the way Sherry cared about him.


Thinking of why Jeremy was injured, Sherry's heart softened and she didn't continue to be stubborn in front of this man.

After parting with Zoe, Jeffery came back to see Sherry.

He didn't expect that the man had already woken up, and what he saw was the intimacy between the two people.

The bitterness in his heart was beyond words.

On the other side.

"Mr. Steve."

Steve walked to a dark basement, and the guard greeted him.

Steve nodded and said, "Open the door. I want to talk to her."

As soon as Steve entered the room, he saw Linda curling up in the corner. Steve smiled helplessly and said, "Are you afraid now? Even I can't imagine what you have done before. "

Since he knew Jeremy, there had been very few people who could force Jeremy to that point.

Although all this was achieved through Sherry, at this time, Steve still found it difficult to hide his confused mood.

Linda looked up at Steve and then lowered her head.

It seems that.

Now Linda didn't know how to face Steve at all.

Steve looked at Linda and said.

"We two used to be together, so I think I should know you well. In my heart, you are not a person who will do such a thing casually. Can you tell me what happened?"

When Steve spoke, he tried his best to make his tone sound to comfort the woman.

Now Linda was very pitiful. She shouldn't have suffered any unnecessary stimulation.


She should take the responsibility for what she had done.

If Linda behaved herself and handed over the person behind her, the result might be better.

The woman in front of him was once his capture. Steve believed that even in the face of others, Linda could not control herself, but in the face of himself, no matter how bad the emotions in Linda's heart would be controlled.

Because this woman had loved him.

Steve knew it was not a good choice to make use of a woman, but it should be the most time-saving way for him up to now.

Although he would feel sorry for this woman, Steve would never think that he had done something wrong at this time.

"You have no idea how vicious Sherry is to blame me. Steve, trust me. Don't keep in touch with Sherry. That woman is definitely not as kind-hearted as you think!"

At this moment, Linda looked a little crazy.

As long as she thought of Steve drinking too much in the bar and thinking of the name of Sherry, Linda was even more unhappy.

That woman had already got such an excellent man as Jeremy. How could she still hold Steve?

Sherry, what do you think of yourself?

Should all the men in the world belong to you?

"What happened?"

At this time, even Jeremy co

be some misunderstanding between the two guys.


He had to solve all these problems. Otherwise, if he let this fellow continue to misunderstand them, he would have no idea what the final result would be.


Even if Steve wanted to say something for Sherry, he should at least know something about the past, so that he could continue to find a reason for Sherry.

"Here is the thing..."

Although she still hated Sherry in the deep of her heart, when facing Steve, it could be said that Linda began to trust this man instinctively.

So when she spoke, Linda kept telling herself to pay attention to what she said.

She didn't forget to explain some of her guesses when she recounted the whole thing.

Steve listened carefully to what Linda said. At the beginning, Steve was really a little flustered, fearing that the child's matter really had something to do with Sherry.

But now, Steve finally came to a conclusion.

When Linda said those words, she always said them from the most objective point of view. There was no strange comments, or it was obvious that it was not Sherry who did it.

However, there was no clear evidence of what Linda said, indicating that it was Sherry who did it.

That was enough.

"You have no reason to say that Sherry must have done it on purpose. You have been friends for so many years. Don't you even know your friend?"

Steve complained when he said this.


Hearing what Linda said at this time, he would also feel that this woman was very pitiful, but only pitiful.

Steve's impression of Sherry wouldn't change just because of a few words of Linda.

Steve believed in his own judgment of people and more believed in Jeremy.

If Sherry was really the kind of person that Linda said, the two of them would never tolerate Sherry at all. There must be some misunderstanding between them.

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